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December 16, 2019    

Opening :

President Cathy called the meeting to order at 12:30 PM. She waxed eloquent about the true meaning of Christmas and urged us to avoid the usual stresses of the season, which cause some people to “check out” completely and thus miss out on the positive aspects of Christmas. She then rejoiced in the Seahawks latest victory, which qualified them for the playoffs. Finally, she thanked all the club members who participated in the successful Salvation Army bell ringing fund raiser at the Haggen stores recently.

President Cathy introduced the Northwood Hall chef and wait staff and urged Club members to express their appreciation to them, for their service throughout the year, by placing monetary contributions in the basket at each table.



Board Briefs from December 16, 2019 meeting:
Letters of resignation was accepted from Bob McDermott, due to family health issues and Isaac Burrows because of business pressures and health issues with regret.
FOOTBALL POOL NUMBERS:  Las Vegas Bowl UW vs Boise Click Here    Cheez-It Bowl  WSU vs Air Force  Click Here
Major Project Fundraising – Committee member Chuck Snyder reported that there are still 23 club members who have not pledged/donated to this year's very worthwhile project of funding the creation of Recovery House, which will provide housing and support services for homeless people who are committed to their recovery through the Whatcom County Drug Court Program. In his many years of service as Judge for the Drug Court, Chuck saw many persons' recovery sabotaged for lack of a “clean” place to live. He urged 100% club member participation by the end of the year. He urged members to get their pledge forms in.  Click Here  or simply email Ken Marzocco or Sandee with your amount and if you want to pay in 2019 or 2020.  This project is well worth everyone’s participation. Ken and Debbie Ahl are in the process of contacting members.  
Salvation Army Bell Ringing – Chair Dick Tucker also thanked all members who participated and suggested that, because it is such an easy job, the chairpersonship should be rotated each year. (Editorial comment: Dick clearly subscribes to the adage: “There is one born every minute”.)
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Guests of Rotarians:  
Del VandeKerk introduced guest Rotary Brass tuba player Mark Lindenbaum
Jim Cunningham introduced Exchange Student Aramis Melgarejo from Lima, Peru
Gary Goldfogel introduced Exchange Student Emma Starke from Beckum, Germany
Fred Kaiser brought his wife Ann
None this week - sorry

1.      Rotary – Peace Corps Partnership – Peter Theisen introduced  Visiting Rotarian Cal Mann, who is a recently returned Peace Corps volunteer (PCV) in North Macedonia. Cal reminded us that the Peace Corps (PC) was established by President Kennedy in 1961 with the mission of promoting peace throughout the world by PCVs establishing personal contact in developing countries via multiple small collaborative projects. There are currently about 7400 PCVs in 61 countries. It occurred to Cal that PC's mission closely resembled one of Rotary International's missions. So, several years ago, he started networking with local Rotarians and other PCVs in North Macedonia. He found out that, in 2015, the international leaders of PC and RI had signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a partnership between the two organizations, but nothing had been done about it until Cal took up the cause. Projects that this combined group completed included building a garden around a library, donating books to the library, rehabilitating a dilapidated building housing music rehearsal rooms, and a Christmas food drive for local residents.

            Cal then mentioned the benefits to Rotary of the partnership with the PC. For RI, it provides a way to increase the effectiveness of its work in developing countries. For our Club, it is an opportunity to become involved near the beginning of this partnership, and to grow our Club membership by welcoming returning local PCVs to our meetings and inviting them to join.  There are currently four WWU students who are returning PCVs.

     2.    Saving Christmas Town – President Cathy introduced Brittany Burton, who is the director and owner of The Dance Studio. Brittany then introduced four beautiful dances by her students. These talented young ladies danced with exceptional grace and maturity. Club members showed their appreciation with a standing ovation. Brittany then urged members to attend one of the students' performances this coming weekend at the Mount Baker Theater in “Saving Christmas Town” 

Final Announcements

President Cathy reminded members that, because of the holidays, there will be no meetings the next two Mondays. She then thanked all who contributed to today's meeting, wished everyone a Merry/Happy Christmas/Hanukkah, Happy New Year and adjourned the meeting at 1:30 PM. Oh - and by the way - if you show up on either of those two days remember the Four Way Test, you owe the club money!
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