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May 16, 2022

Opening Welcome:
The meeting preface was filled with electronic screeches and sound checks. Mark Knittel had his hands at least semi-full trying to get microphones to cooperate. At last, all was well and President Peter smacked the bell hard to call us together at 12:30 PM.
The Rotary Brass whipped up a rousing rendition of God Bless America which we all (?) joined in singing.
Book Review 
A new take on a book report was given by Dominique Zervas. She showed how to be a great bartender. Her report was on a cocktail called the Brooklyn. The ingredients are: rye whiskey, dry vermouth, orange bitters, maraschino, and cherries. This reporter watched closely as she used half the bottle of rye to build three martini glassfuls. We need her to be the official Club mixologist. Dominique auctioned off the three drinks at $10 each (a bargain, given how much whiskey each contained!) to Monty McAllister, Catherine Riordan and Paul Grey. The latter attempted to make announcements later in the meeting but was basically incoherent! 
Brooklyn cocktail recipe
  • 2 oz rye whiskey
  • 1 dry vermouth
  • ¼ oz maraschino liqueur
  • 1/4 Amer Picon (or substitute orange bitters)
Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass or shaker with ice.
Sir until well-chilled (or shake if you prefer your drink a bit watered down and with small ice chips).
Pour into a coupe or martini glass.
Garnish with a Luxardo maraschino cherry and a zest of orange
Support Rotary in Ukraine
Message from our District Governor for District 5050, Bev Harrington:
My Fellow Rotarians:
As the humanitarian crisis unfolds in Ukraine, we ask "what can we do from so far away?"  Here is the most comprehensive information I have received to date. 
Financial contributions are easily made online to The Rotary Foundation Disaster Response Fund.  A link to view the projects that are already in place is also provided below.  
You and I and Rotarians from around the world can make a difference.  
All donations made online at Disaster Response Fund | My Rotary, including the use of available district designated funds (DDF), need to be received by April 30, 2022. Grant applications to take advantage of the funds will be available now through June 30, 2022. This will be the main avenue for Rotary Foundation support, but Rotary and Rotaract clubs are also encouraged to create their own responses to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.
In addition to the support provided through the Disaster Response Fund, the Foundation is coordinating with partners and regional leaders, exploring effective solutions to the increased humanitarian needs. You will find a comprehensive list of projects at this linkwith the contact details and websites.
Thank you for all that you do to promote peace
Club and Committee Announcements:
Late Breaking News - There will be a Galbraith Mountain Ribbon Cutting Celebration Tuesday May 24th at 4:00 p.m. at the Parking lot.  Please join us to celebrate our contribution to the lot.
Board Briefs from May 12, 2022:
The board is actively working on organizing the new Rotary year 2022-2023 preparing the budget, looking at a new designation "Friends of Rotary", possibility of a printed roster and finding a more permanent meeting location to feel like "home".
1. Teri Treat reminded us that there is a work party at Sunnyland Memorial Park on May 21, from 9 am to noon, to clean up the grounds in preparation for Memorial Day.  Please contact Teri if you would like to volunteer or  Sign-Up Link:
2.  Doug Cole noted that there are all-Whatcom County Rotary Days of Service on May 21st and June 4th, to enhance the WeGrow Garden.  Click Here for the flyer and click here for signing up.  Find tab "WeGrow Garden Special Events" to sign-up. Contact Doug Cole with questions.
  • The five Whatcom County Rotary Clubs are involved with the upcoming work party, which is in conjunction with the District 5050 “Day of Service.”  There is a $5000 district grant to help cover expenses for the project.  Along with Rotarians, it will involve Rotaract and Interact members as well as students from Options High School. 
  • The project will involve installing support structures in a garden which is located across from the Food Bank, benefitting WeGrow.   The garden’s vision is to bring to the forefront of the minds of youth and adults the increasing importance of food security and understanding the value of sustainable crops while providing a public space for intergenerational community engagement, education, youth programs, vocational training, and public encounter. The WeGrow garden serves as an educational space for school groups, non-profit youth agencies, and the public.
  • There will be two work parties: May 21 at 9:30 and June 4 -  More details will be in a forthcoming email.

3. Jack Westford noted the exploratory meeting for a Rotary book club went well. Another meeting will be held in the next couple of weeks.
4. Ward Naf informed us that there would a work party on June 16 at Base Camp to do some clean up work and perhaps serve dinner.

5. Paul Grey reminded the membership to get the final block of Service Fund Grants in to him by the end of May. 
6. It is that time again to nominate our very deserving members for 1 of 4 of our RCOB Major Awards that will be presented at our Changing of the Guard on June 20th:
The Will J. Griswold Club Service Award
The David C. Morse Sr. Community Service Award
The Michael K. Mischaikow International Service Award
The Karen W. Morse Vocational Service Award,
Click Here for Document description and list of winners.
Please send your nominations to either President Peter, President-Elect Paul Grey, Vice-President Doug Cole, Treasurer Steve Gray or Past President Gary Goldfogel, who are our Executive Committee.  You can also send to Sandee, who will forward them.  Deadline is Sunday, May 22nd.
Important Date Announcements: 
May 21st - Sunnyland Memorial Park Clean-up   Sign-Up Link
May 21st -  Rotary Day of Service all Whatcom County Club work party at WeGrow Gardens
May 24th - Galbraith Mountain Ribbon Cutting 4:00 p.m. at the lot.
May 28th – Whatcom Memorial Day Parade – The Club will be participating in the Memorial Day Parade, hopefully with walkers/marchers and a float.  This is the 100th anniversary of the parade.  Sign-up to march on the website at  The Club will be a sponsor of the Parade. 
May 29 -  Ski to Sea Race We will be staffing a Rotary booth at the finish line in Fairhaven on race day.
June 4thRotary Day of Service all Whatcom County Club work party at We Grow Gardens
June 20th - Changing of the Guard
June 27th Rotary Cruise to Eliza Island
Marty Haines reported that this year’s cruise will return to Dick Tucker’s home on Eliza Island. Marty is recruiting members’ boats for the cruise.

Weekly Meeting instructions:

You will still receive an email from Sandee each week prior to the Monday 12:30 meeting if you are unable to attend in person (you can start logging in at 12:00 for short socializing) with the link for that privacy-protected meeting.  If you have not done so, please download the Zoom app on your computer (you need a camera and microphone on it), iPad or phone.  There is no cost to you.  If you do not have either, you can also call in.  On the invitation, there are US phone numbers you can call and enter the meeting ID number also indicated on the invitation.  HERE ARE ZOOM INSTRUCTIONS.

Four Points is now requiring a Contract thru March 2022. We will continue to evaluate other locations for a permanent location.   Lunch will be $22 for a sit-down meal. We must notify them by Wednesday at 4:00 pm each week prior to the Monday meeting as to the number of members attending.  We are sending out meeting “Invite's” weekly and members are asked to sign-up ASAP. You can also sign-up by going to the event section of our website at  If you sign up for a meal at the meeting, you will need to pay the $22 even if you don't wind up attending the meeting after numbers are turned in.  If you plan to attend but not eat, PLEASE indicate that on your sign-up so we don't overorder meals and still make sure there is enough seating. 

Four Points also will not collect the payment weekly, so the Club will collect payments prior to the meeting or at the door.

We urge members of the RCOB to set up a Venmo account for ease in payment of Meeting lunches, Happy Bucks, Minister of Fun, Dues or donations to the club.  Our account is @RCOB-Bellingham.  If you do not have a Venmo account you can set up an account with your computer then download the app. on your phone (just Google "Venmo" and you will find all the information you need)  You then attach it to a debit or credit card (a fee on your end) or attach to your checking account at no cost.  Payment will be sent directly to the RCOB checking account. When you use it for the first time it may ask you the last 4 digits of the RCOB phone number which is 0282.   Give Sandee a call if you need help.  360-734-5532

Other payment options are to bring a check in the correct amount to the meeting made out to RCOB or cash in the exact amount to speed up the payment process.  There is also the PayPal option as usual and we are set to take payments at the meeting.  We have a QR Code that you can simply click on to pay thru paypal also.

Website and Phone App instructions:
Here is a tutorial on how to login for the first time.  (Click here)  Go to first.  In order to login you need to know your user name and password in your Clubrunner account.  The user name is Yourfirstname.Lastname.264 unless you have changed it.  Example: Sandra.Lindhout.264  The password is initially set by Clubrunner at 264 unless you have changed it.  Sandee can see your Username from her computer but not the password.  She can also change your password for you from her computer at your request if you run into problems.
Once you have originally created your User Name and Password you can download the ClubRunner Mobile app on your phone:                                                             
Here is a link for you to take a look at the app:

Please contact Sandee at 360-734-5532 or if you run into any trouble.
Mark Knittel introduced today's program speakers from Whatcom Community College: Corrine Sande in person and Christy Saunders on Zoom.
Members attending on Zoom:  Vinson Latimore, Bob Morse, Loch Trimingham, Corey Chaplin, John Moffat, Jack Mulhern, Dennis Williams, Roland Trenouth, Sandy McIntire, Marty Haines, and Tim Farris.


Past President Larry Halgren gave a short eulogy for Dr. Dan Brown, also a past president of this club. Dr. Dan left Bellingham in 2003 to establish interventional cardiology services in Twin Falls, Idaho. He built an excellent program there. The new Cath Lab is now named after him. This program made possible the local management of life-threatening cardiac emergencies. Previously, such patients in central Idaho had to be transported to Boise, and some of them died in route.  Dan Brown was someone of whom we could all be proud. A remembrance will be held at the Bellingham Yacht Club this coming Saturday at 1pm.    Click Here for the full obituary
Today we learned about the cybersecurity program at Whatcom Community College. Corrine Sande and Christy Saunders (via zoom) brought us up to date on the state of the college’s training program. First, let us stipulate that the program is first rate. It is a national leader in the training of cyber defense. The presentation was full of acronyms, so many that this reporter got lost. The main one to know is NCyTE, which I believe stands for National Cybersecurity Training and Education. If I’m wrong, I apologize up front. You can check it out at NCyTE on YouTube.
Ms. Sande stated that, nationwide, there are approximately 600,000 openings in cybersecurity positions now. The State of Washington has about 13,500 unfilled at present. WCC has about 300 students in its program. She emphasized that not all the openings are in hard core computer areas, but also in the operation and governing of cyber systems.
The college has several paths to a career. One, of course, is an Associate of Science degree in information technology and then transfer to a four-year college, such as WWU. Another is an Associate of Science degree in basic cybersecurity and then out into the commercial world. A third is a Bachelor of Science in information technology and network cyber security and then to work.
NCyTE (formerly Cyberwatch West) has existed since 2012. It was founded to increase the cyber security workforce. It focuses on improving the quantity and quality of the folks who provide cybersecurity. 
The impact of WCC is national in scope. It is now a model educational pathway to industry. It has developed and promoted educational standards for the industry. It has developed the skill requirements needed in cybersecurity education. Graduates of the program fill critical needs in the infrastructure of the industry.
New local initiatives include cooperating with Anvil Corp. to improve its security. The college has a grant from Microsoft for progressive development: Think faculty boot camp for cybersecurity. It is developing faculty academics. Many who graduate from the program gain advance placements in industry.
Final Announcement:
President Peter thanked the members who contributed to the meeting and rang us to adjournment at 1:32 PM.
May Rotary Anniversaries - Thank you! 
Sandee Lindhout
Member Since 1966
Dewey Desler
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Del VandeKerk
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May Birthdays - Happy Birthday and Enjoy!

  • Colleen Baldwin
  • Monty McAllister
  • Dennis Williams
  • Scott Wilson
  • Kathy Hiyane-Brown
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