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August 27, 2018   

Past-President Del VandeKerk, substituting for President Sandy, opened the meeting.  The main announcement was that there will be NO meeting next week due to the Labor Day holiday.  There were no committee reports.


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Message from Robert (Bob) Gibb family:
As many of you know, our father, Robert (Bob) Gibb died last month.
We would be honored if you would join us at a Celebration of Life in his honor.
Saturday, September 15, 2018
2 – 5 pm
Hotel Bellwether, 1 Bellwether Way, Bellingham, WA
- the Gibb family
Janis, Marcy, Rhonda, Kathy, Lisa, Gail, and Tyler
Del presented a proposal he would like to see the club implement called the Starfish Backpack Program, which he learned about at the District meeting last spring.  The proposal is to give needy grade school students food for the weekend to be sure they are nourished until the following Monday.  Our club has a long history of supporting children in need and this program would fit in with that theme.  The Bellingham School District has around 195 kids (editor's note: there are far more than 195 children in our school district who qualify for this program - possibly 4 to 5 times as many) who qualify for free or reduced-price breakfast and lunch on school days, but go hungry on weekends.  The program would provide backpacks with food in them on Friday afternoon to tide them over until Monday morning when they would return the backpacks.  It would be a joint partnership among the RCOB, the YMCA and Wild Bird Charity.  The Rotary Club would supply the backpacks and encourage members and businesses to sponsor the program.  Del’s proposal is to sponsor ten students in the 2018-19 school year at a cost of $450 per student.  He would like to raise $5000 for the first-year cost, and have the program kick off at the end of September.
Anyone who would like to donate please send an email to Del VandeKerk at  
Guests of Rotarians:  
Past President Del VandeKerk introduced Emma Smith from the YMCA
Teri Treat introduced visitors Sally Albers, Alan Keniblen and Nancy Peck
Shauna Naf brought our newest incoming Exchange Student Carla Serrat Anaya from Spain.
Donna Inglis introduced her mother Marnell Farley and Adrienne Erlick from La Quinta Ca
John Harris brought his wife Patricia
Nathan Conant gave a new member talk.  He thanked Scott Hume for inviting him to be a member and for being his “tour guide.”  Nathan said he was guided by Winston Churchill, who said, “We make a living by what we get.  We make a life by what we give.”  Nathan was born in Ohio and raised in Dundee, Oregon.  He and his wife and two kids moved to Bellingham in 2014 when he took a job with Logos.  He loves soccer (and still plays on Sundays), coffee, kayaking and playing music (he plays ten instruments, mainly piano).  He loves having neighbors and was proud of the path they built through the woods so their kids could visit each other’s homes more easily.  He owns Blue Kayak Monitoring, a business in Bellingham.  They help ophthalmologists improve their business practices.  They also make films to make businesses look good, as they have done for the Port of Bellingham.  Living out Churchill’s quote, Nathan brought around 15-20 useful and informative books which he invited people to take home, read and pass on to friends.  Welcome, Nathan!
Important request:  Our  "Contemplating End of Life" series continues thru October and guests are invited.  If you are planning on bringing a guest, please inform Sandee Lindhout by the Wednesday prior to the Monday meeting at 12:00 to aid Northwood Hall in preparation of food.
Our program speaker was Dr. Bill Lombard, a nephrologist with Mt. Baker Kidney Center.  Bill began his talk by reminding us that end of life care is everybody’s business.  He continued the theme we have heard several times in recent weeks that our loved ones cannot tell our health care providers what our end of life choices are if we don’t tell them what we want.  He noted a community in Wisconsin where 94% of the population had advance directives, and said that was something to emulate.  
Bill’s main discussion point related to POLST (Physicians Order for Life Sustaining Treatment) directives.  A POLST is a set of specific medical orders and general treatment wishes that, if a patient suffers from an advanced illness or frailty and expect to die within two years, the patient’s health care professional can fill out with the patient and is signed by both.  It provides direction to emergency medical technicians in the event the patient is unable to verbally communicate his wishes at the time on issues such as:  (1) whether to use CPR; (2) the level of medical intervention the patient wants (full treatment (e.g., intubation, ICU admission at hospital), selective treatment (e.g., IV fluids, cardiac monitoring but not intubation) or comfort-focused treatment (e.g., pain relief but no hospital transfer or ventilator), and (3) preferences regarding non-emergency medical treatment, such as antibiotics or medically assisted nutrition).  Emergency medical personnel are required to follow the POLST.  A POLST differs from an advance directive in two main ways. First, an advance directive can be signed by anyone at any time, preferably when they turn 18. Conversely, a POLST is only filled out when the patient has a serious illness that is likely to be fatal within two years.  Second, the POLST is signed by the doctor and the patient and is binding on emergency medical personnel, while an advance directive is only signed by the patient and is not binding on emergency medical personnel.  Bill urged people to spread the word for people to get advance directives and, where appropriate, a POLST directive.

Nov 26, 2018
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Dec 17, 2018
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