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October 29, 2018   

Brian Griffin, substituting for President Sandy who because of a medical situation at the last minute was not able to attend, opened the meeting.  Brian commented that it had been a long time since he had been Club President, but he would rise to the challenge.
Update on President Sandy:  He is fine and landed in Milan, Italy to visit his daughter for a couple weeks.  Have fun!  Past President, Teri Treat, will fill in November 5th.
Rick Kaiser led us in an opening music adventure by asking us to sing “God Bless America” to the accompaniment of a video of the song being sung  by famous personalities from the 1970’s.  An interesting opportunity to be reminded of some of the famous folks, then much younger, from past years.   (Click Here)


Jeff Jenkins announced that the football pool for this weekend is Huskies vs Stanford  (Click here for numbers)

Save the Dates:

November 3rd - District 5050 Foundation Dinner at Northwood Hall 5:00 pm no host social hr.  Cost $60.00 if registered by 10/26/18.  Register here.

November 4th - The Social committee will be hosting a new event, Capital Steps Performance and RCOB Social at Mt. Baker Theater.  The show will start at 3:00 and the Social will be around 5:00 ish in the Encore Room.  Bring a bottle or wine or appetizer and leave in the room prior to the performance.  Guests are welcomed and a great opportunity to bring a prospective new member.  Go to the Mt. Baker Theater  website, purchase tickets and use the Code Word "Rotary" to receive a 20% discount. You will not want to miss it.  Email Debbie Ahl at to confirm you are coming and what you will be bringing.

Acting President Brian commented that he and Marya had participated in the Friday evening “Guess Who is Coming to Dinner”.  This is one of the best social events our clubs does and he strongly encourages members to participate in the future.

Guests of Rotarians:  
John  Inglis introduced his Mother-In-Law, Marnell Farley 
Gary Goldfogel introduced Micki Jackson and Speaker, Jack Lee.
Steve Gray brought Ryan LeCocq with People's Bank
Tim Fisher introduced Tracy Diehl with YMCA
In recognition of a recent $1, 000 Club Service Award grant our club and the RCOB Foundation made to the Mt Baker Theater, John Purdie, from the Mt Baker Theater briefly described how the funds would be used to support about 125 low-income school students who come to the theater to participate in the quite large and successful program that brings students to the theater to participate in special programs and shows.
New Member Induction
Kirstin Hunt, was inducted into the Club as a new member.  She was introduced by her mother, Club member Lynda Hinton and given the Club charge by past-president Chuck Snyder.  She will fill the classification “Title and Escrow”.
Committee Reports
Scott Hume reminded members that raising funds in support of this year’s major project, the Galbraith parking lot, is now fully under way.  Members are encouraged to contribute generously and as soon as possible.  Members can make either a pledge or a contribution.
Important request:  Our  "Contemplating End of Life" series continues thru October and guests are invited.  If you are planning on bringing a guest, please inform Sandee Lindhout -
Program Chair Gary Goldfogel introduced our speaker, Mr Jack Lee, a Patient Ambassador, whose talk was entitled “Death in America Gets a Bum Rap”. Prior to Mr. Lee speaking, Gary showed a short video clip of Lee in action, singing to a group of senior citizens at a local care center.
Mr. Lee, an energetic and entertaining octogenarian’s main point was that in this country (the USA) death and how we describe death is something we have trouble dealing with.  We as a nation are afraid of death, we think of death as un-American and a blight and something to be put off as long as possible.  This is shown partly by our many euphemisms for death, for example “passing away”, “going to God,” “meeting our maker,” etc.  A particularly creative example was found in a recent Seattle Times obituary – “he flew west”.
Mr. Lee pointed out that in recent years, since the mid 1970’s, progress has been made in dealing with death.  He discussed ideas of how conversations should proceed and what could be done. The Hemlock Society, and the death with dignity legislation in several states are examples of progress. However, we still have a long way to go.
Part of the difficulty in dealing with death is our concern with the hereafter, is there heaven or hell, or something else and where will we end up? He advocates that each individual make his own plan for the hereafter and how it will be arranged.  He gave, as an example, the hereafter he has imagined for him self, a beautiful place where he will again be with his daughter, wife and many friends.  
Mr. Lee’s final point: Let’s embrace death not as a mystery, but a conscious act to prepare and plan for.  Death can become an ally, not an enemy. 
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