Sunil Harman, BLI airport Director                                                                                      

                              Minister of Fun                                                                                                        Bob Diehl 

July 26, 2021   3rd Hybrid Meeting

This weeks Book Review was given in person today on "Boys in the Boat" by Daniel James by Bob Diehl
As a collegiate, competitive and recreational rower for over 60 years, I find this book to be my favorite.  I know people in the book, I know venues of the book and the coach of THE BOYS in 1936 was one of my coaches at UofW.

Book Report:
Out of the depths of the depression comes this irresistible story about beating the odds and finding hope in the most desperate of times.  This intimate account of nine working class boys from the Northwest shows the world what true grit really meant.

It’s a story of the University of Washington’s eight oar crew and how they transformed the sport and grabbed the attention of millions of Americans.  The team was composed of sons of loggers, shipyard workers and farmers who first had to master the harsh physical and psychological demands of collegiate rowing and then defeat the East Coast’s elite teams that had long dominated the sport.

The heart of the story lies with Joe Rantz, a teenager without family or prospects, who rows not only to regain his shattered self-regard but to find a real place for himself in the world.  Joe had a devastating family history and crushing poverty.  He knows that a seat in Washington’s freshman shell is the only way he can stay in college.  The crew was slowly assembled by an enigmatic and determined coach and mentored by a visionary, eccentric British boat designer.  But it is the boys’ commitment to one another that makes then a winning team.  Finally gaining the Olympic berth, they rowed against the talented Germans under Adolf Hitler’s gaze in the Berlin 1936 Olympics.  The championship race was viewed by thousands of Germans and after a neck and neck 2,000 meters, the Americans won by a nose.

The Olympic victory was stunning.  Back home, the boys had to work hard to return to school.  Their post-Olympic lives were filled with toil and success – a must read to finish this amazing true story.
It was noted this was our 54th book review.  Thanks to Jack Westford for coordinating this effort!
Opening Welcome:  
President Peter Theisen opened RCOB meeting 4701 at 12:30, our third meeting in person post-Covid. 
John Harris played America the Beautiful remotely.  In theme with our speaker’s talk today, Andy Day provided the invocation by reading the poem, “High Flight,” penned by WW II RCAF aviator John Gillespie Magee.  “Oh!  I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth and danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings… Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.”
Minister of Fun Bruce Clawson diverted from the more frequent quiz-style affair to one requiring skill and cunning.  This had something to do with donuts and a long tape measure.  The exact skill which was required wasn’t overly evident other than the results were sweet and messy.
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Tom Grinstad brought his wife Kris to celebrate their 48th Anniversary - he round his donation up to $50.00.  Congratulations you young things :)
Steve Ban introduced Cory Chaplin, welcome back!
Dale Rings zoomed in from Arizona with member Chuck Snyder
Other members who were on Zoom:  Monty McAllister, John Harris, Robin Halliday, Dennis Williams, Catherine Riordan, Greg Baker, Loch Trimingham, Gary Goldfogel, Vinson Latimore and Frank King and former member Bob Brunkow
Program Coordinator Doug Cole introduced Sunil Harmon, the Port of Bellingham’s Director of Aviation.  He was hired in 2015 and oversees Bellingham International Airport and a full-time staff of 15 employees. 
The airport was built in 1940 as a WPA project.  It was taken over in 1941 by the Army Air Corp as a pursuit training base.  It was transferred to the County / City in 1946 and to the Port of Bellingham in 1957.  The current runway 16-34, which is aligned with prevailing winds, has a length of 6701 feet. [ed. note: 16 minus 34 = negative 18, what does that have to do with runway length?]  The current rendition of the terminal was completed in 2013 and is 27,000 square feet.  Its design capacity is 1.6 million enplanements or 3.2 million total passengers per year.  The airport is served by Horizon, Allegiant and San Juan Airlines along with Fed Ex, UPS and several charter operations and a flight school. 
There are 125 hangars and 144 General Aviation aircraft based at BLI.  The majority of operational income is derived from airport parking fees.  Some expenses are underwritten by the Port of Bellingham.  Sunil discussed the BLI Master Plan which shows a possible future cargo center on the southwest side of the airport and a future “technology campus” of up to eleven buildings on the northwest side. 
Nearly half of BLI’s pre-pandemic passengers were Canadian, thus the last 16 months have had a huge impact on airline passenger operations.  Peak passenger numbers were in 2007 with a count of nearly 600,000.  2020’s count was around 50,000.  So far, 2021 is making steady improvement.  CAN / USD exchange rates also affect the number of Canadians flying out of BLI.  Competing passenger operations at Paine Field were felt to have a 5-7% negative impact on BLI.
Southwest Airlines is scheduled to commence operations at BLI this coming November with flights to Oakland and Las Vegas using 737-800 aircraft.  Sunil talked about the “Southwest Effect”, the impact being more regional competition, increased overall market size and demand, increased propensity to travel, increased reliability and connectivity and accelerated economic growth from airport areas served by SWA.  Without SWA, the 2030 forecast passenger enplanements for BLI are 421,000.  With SWA they are forecast to be 928,000 with a total area economic impact in the range of $1 billion.   There are negotiations in progress with two additional airlines (named later) to serve BLI.
Covid Report: 
Pres. Peter read a short statement from Gary G. giving hospitalization status of the Covid patients, who were all expected to be released soon.
Program Recordings:  We are now recording the speaker portion of our meetings:
Missed a meeting? Remember a great speaker but want to revisit the content? You can catch the recording on our Rotary Club of Bellingham YouTube page:
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