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January 28, 2019   

President Sandy McIntire called the meeting to order at 12:25 PM and proceeded to tell the group way more than we needed to hear about the mystery country of the week, Peru.


It is with sadness that we report that Honorary Member Richard White and former member Jack Payne have passed away.

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Pres. Sandy updated us on the fund raising progress for the 2018 Major Project, Galbraith Mountain Parking Lot. He notes that more than 80% of the membership has "stepped up to the plate", and it's time to complete this time at bat.

You can go to to make your payment or mail a check payable to The Rotary Club of Bellingham Foundation, 2200 Vining St., Bellingham, Wa.  98229 and/or email  your pledge amount to Scott at  Click here to watch a video of our project    


Brad Burdick reminded us that Las Vegas Night is February 9th . Ticket sales are running about 80 tickets fewer than last year and urged all members to purchase tickets and bring family and friends to this very entertaining event, which is a major fundraiser for our club. There is always a last minute flurry of ticket buying, but Brad is getting nervous.  This signature Rotary event always offers a great evening of entertainment and comradery and shouldn’t be missed. Along with the performances from UpFront, gambling and “Elvis”, there are a number of prizes to be given away as well as a silent auction.  In order for the committee to plan with the caterer, they need to have a guest count by January 28th. To purchase tickets at: on line  or call the box office at 360-734-6080 for $100 each. The lineup includes the Up Front Players, lounge singers and more!  You can also fill out the attached Ticket Order Form and bring it to a Monday meeting and we will process it for you.  Contact Brad Burdick if you can help.
Organized by Dominique Zervas, our club's  fund drive to benefit our local Coast Guard Unit during the government shutdown raised over $4,000 in household supplies and cash. Other club members who helped with this project include Jack Mulhern, Kirstin Hunt and Doug Cole.
The Rotary Grants Management Seminar will take place on February 16. Our club needs to send the Past President and one other member in order for us to qualify for any Rotary grants this year.
Rotary New Leadership Meeting will be on March 23.
Rotary International Exchange Program with India will take place April 18 to May 4. Five Rotarians from our District will exchange with five Rotarians from an Indian District. Local Rotarians are needed to host our guests from India. Note from the editor – Kris and I hosted a couple from Turkey on the exchange program years ago. It was enjoyable and interesting. I urge others to step forward and host…
Rotation Day will be on March 11.


Guests of Rotarians:  
Debbie Ahl brought Tracy Diehl with the YMCA
Students of the Month in Theater:
Mauri Ingram introduced Hailey "Paige" Harvey from Bellingham High School, her parents Ben & Sara Harvey and her sister Hannah
Tom Grinstad introduced Natanael "Nate" Southcott from Sehome High School and his parents Bonnie Southcott & Ellen Harwick
Paul Grey introduced Gillian Brown from Squalicum High School and her mother Heather Brown
Kim Perry introduced the presentations by detailing how many different people and disciplines are involved in putting on  a play. For example, The Lion King required over 200 people.
1. Squalicum High School: Paul Grey presented Gillian Brown. She was born in South Africa and became involved in theater accidentally: she tried out for the school volleyball team and didn't make it, but a friend suggested that she try out for a school play, and theater has been her passion since. She carries close to a 4.0 GPA, is the Drama club president, has many acting credits and honors, volunteers for the League of Women Voters and plays the piano and guitar. Gillian commented that, at Squalicum, the Drama Club is not supported by school funds, so members have to seek support from the community. She listed several upcoming plays on February 27, March 1 and sometime in the spring.
2. Sehome High School: Tom Grinstad introduced Nate Southcott. His introduction to theater came at Fairhaven Middle School where, on a whim, he tried out for and was chosen for a play. He loved the experience and was hooked. He particularly enjoys exploring the various facets of the characters he plays. He is interested in politics and helped out in an election campaign last fall. In his spare time, Nate enjoys drawing and writing. He thanked his parents, theater teacher and our Club for this honor and urged us to enjoy the upcoming Sehome Spring Show, Monty Python Spamalot 
3. Bellingham High School: Mauri Ingram presented Paige Harvey. She works behind the scenes in theater, having developed an entire hair and make-up department at Bellingham. She is a leader in the drama department, using her “mom voice” to keep everyone focused. Paige is co-captain of the lacrosse team and plans to attend beauty school at BTC next year. She credits her involvement in theater for overcoming her social shyness and fear of speaking in public. She invited Club members to attend Bellingham HS's production of the musical, Little Mermaid in March.
Jonathan Rands, DUI Lawyer
He graduated from Seattle University Law School and has been a DUI lawyer since 2002.
Mr. Rands discussed the following professional challenges he faces as a DUI lawyer:
1. Most DUI defendants are law-abiding people who make one error in judgment, which then has the potential of harming their professional and social lives permanently. It is a DUI lawyer's responsibility to do everything he/she can to prevent that from happening.
2. The DUI laws in Washington State have been changing frequently, making it easier for prosecutors to convict. For example, breath analysis and blood alcohol levels, which are subject to many inaccuracies, are now routinely admissible evidence.
3. Because a DUI lawyer usually has multiple clients at the same time, scheduling for court appearances, client meetings, meetings with law enforcement can be challenging, especially in a solo practice.
4. Most DUI cases begin with a driver being stopped by police for a minor infraction (such as not signaling a lane change, following too closely, making a rolling stop) between 10 PM and 4 AM. The driver then, even if unimpaired, will often fail the roadside exam and is therefore charged with DUI. 
5. DUI cases are different from other litigation because there is rarely any plea bargaining by prosecutors; DUI is the misdemeanor most likely to go to trial. 
6. A DUI lawyer, perhaps more than most other lawyers, must attend many costly, time-consuming continuing education courses in order to remain effective.
7. Law enforcement has been increasingly focusing on drugs other than alcohol in making DUI arrests. It is not uncommon for a driver to be charged with DUI simply because he/she has taken their prescribed daily medications. 
8. Because of all of these challenges, and the need to be always available to clients, it is difficult to establish a healthy work-life balance as a DUI lawyer.
President Sandy adjourned the meeting at 1:30 PM.
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