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September 9, 2019  

Opening :
President Cathy welcomed members and our 5050 District Governor, Canadian Brad Whittaker to the meeting, then turned the podium over to Rick Kaiser to lead us in singing the anthems O Canada and the Star-Spangled Banner.  However, before singing the anthems, Rick presented some interesting background on the two anthems and a humorous video clip of the Canadian actor William Shatner doing a tongue in cheek spoof of O Canada.   


Cathy also reminded us of the upcoming Club ski trip to Steamboat Springs on February 5-9, 2019 and encouraged members to sign up.  She assures us it will be a fun event.

Board Meeting Briefs - September 9, 2019

The Board of Directors has approved the membership proposal of Joe Jarzembowski  to fill the classification "Corporate Law".  Proposers are  Mark Knittel and D. C. Morse, Jr.  He will be eligible for membership after September 21st unless a letter of objection is received on or before then to Sandra Lindhout, Exec. Sec., 2200 Vining St., Bellingham, Wa.  98229.
A letter of resignation has been accepted with regret from Austin Huang.  He moved to Bellevue quite some time ago and has joined the Seattle International District Rotary Club.
The 2019-2020 Major Project was selected and will be announced soon.
Early on we chose to hold the December 23rd Rotary meeting, but after considering attendance have decided to cancel it.  December 30th will also be a Holiday.
The Nominating Committee, consisting of Sandy McIntire, Chairman,  President Cathy Buckley, President-Elect Gary Goldfogel and 2 members in good standing (selected by the Board) of the club are starting their work.  Elections will be held December 9th.
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Guests of Rotarians:  
Shauna Naf introduced our newest Exchange Student, Aramis Lima Melgarejo from Lima, Peru and Emma Starke from Beckum, Germany
Zach von Schneidau brought Katie Hardy
Bob Morse introduced Joe Jarzembowski
Teri Treat, wearing a very authentic looking cowboy hat, briefly took the podium to present the hat to Sandy McIntire and say a few words in recognition of his term as Club president.  Members will recall that Sandy, a serious hat collector, made wearing hats from different parts of the world a signature feature of his welcome to each Club meeting.  President Cathy took this opportunity to recognize and call to the front all former Club presidents – a distinguished group of ten were present.
Zack von Schneidau reported on recent work of the Membership committee to develop marketing materials that can be used to advertise and showcase Rotary and our Club at various community functions.  Very attractive and informative banners, handouts and decals, much more than we have had in the past, have been developed.
District Governor Whittaker presented Paul Harris Awards to Debbie Ahl (first award) and Rick Haggen (third award).  We congratulate both of these Club members.
Del VandeKerk, former RCOB President and currently an Assistant District Governor, introduced our program speaker, District Governor, Brad Whittaker.  Brad is a 17-year member of the Chilliwack Club, a Paul Harris Fellow and a retired administrator at the University of Fraser Valley.  He has served as his Club President and a District Assistant Governor.
Governor Whittaker began his presentation with some facts about the state of Rotary today.  Currently there are 1.2 million Rotary members worldwide in 34,000 clubs.  However, last year club membership in North America dropped significantly, partly due to changes in population demographics and perhaps a failure of clubs to recognize and address these changes.  He opined that we as club members should be thinking about how to meet the new challenges, sell the Rotary message and make Rotary more inclusive.
Whittaker reminded us of the Rotary vision statement and what we as Rotarians strive for.  He then reviewed the priorities for action spelled out in the most recent Rotary strategic plan.  We seek to increase our impact in our communities, expand our reach, enhance participant engagement and increase our ability to adapt.  To accomplish these, we need to recognize and advertise how Rotary changes lives, look at ways to make membership special during the first year or two of club membership and seek ways to simplify and make our operations more flexible.   We need to remember that Rotary provides a way to connect people within their communities but also around the world.  We should consider founding more Rotary and Rotaract clubs, look for more flexible meeting times, seek ways to bring families into our clubs and provide more viable paths to club leadership.
Finally, Governor Whittaker challenges us to think about how we can get the most from Rotary membership by putting in more than we expect to get out, by learning more about Rotary and its activities and encouraging members to get involved in Rotary beyond their home clubs.  For example, he suggests greater participation in Rotary regional, national and international conferences, Foundation activities, the Learning Institute and Rotary action and fellowship groups.  He urges us to rediscover our passion for Rotary and what is does.
To conclude the meeting, and to encourage member participation in Rotary events outside their local clubs, he presented a brief video showcasing the upcoming District conference, “Join the Adventure” at Harrison Hot Springs during April 30 – May 3 next spring.  It promises to be a fun and exciting event, in one of the most beautiful areas of the Fraser Valley.

Oct 21, 2019
Tim Farris - Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail
Oct 28, 2019
Lee Rhodes - Glassy Baby
Nov 04, 2019
Sabah Randhawa - WWU President
Nov 11, 2019
Holiday - Veteran's Day
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