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December 17, 2018   



Here are the numbers for the upcoming holiday games:  Alamo Bowl - WSU vs Iowa State 12/28/18Rose Bowl - Washington Huskies vs Ohio State 1/1/2019

Scott Wallace announced that he is putting in a new order in for out collared Rotary shirts at a cost of $40.00.  There is also a new Rotary @ Work T Shirt at a cost of $15.00   Check them out       Contact him at asap

Scott Hume reminds members to submit their donations for the major project (Galbraith Mt. parking-remember?). Members are encouraged to make their major project pledges as soon as possible. Cash or stocks are two options for contributing.  You can go to to make your payment or mail a check payable to The Rotary Club of Bellingham Foundation, 2200 Vining St., Bellingham, Wa.  98229 and/or email  your pledge amount to Scott at  He hoped to have everyone pledge, if not make their donations, by the end of the month, and he would be on the phone soon to remind people. That's a polite way of saying that he will be nagging soon.    Click here to watch a video of our project      

James Pyles reminded members that Vegas Night will be February 9 and that tickets can be bought on line at or call the box office at 360-734-6080 for $100 each. The lineup includes the Up Front Players, lounge singers and more!  You can also fill out the attached Ticket Order Form and bring it to a Monday meeting and we will process it for you.  The Vegas Night committee was also accepting silent auction items and encouraged members to donate items.


Board of Directors Meeting Briefs 12-17-18
Susie Thomson, Treasurer for the Rotary Club of Bellingham Foundation presented an annual financial report thru September 30, 2018
Scott Hume, Chairman of the Major Project Fundraising attended to report that we have a number of pledges and members are reminded per our Membership Manual - Members are expected to support at least one major project aimed at improving the quality of life in the Bellingham area by contributing to the annual RCOB fund campaign. Members are urged to contribute at least $750 - $1000 each year to this project, but if that is not possible during the first years of Club membership, to give as much as possible.
Letters of resignation were approved with regret from Will Rice and Dan Whittle
President Sandy reported that Rise Against Hunger has been changed from February to April 27, 2019 in conjunction with Rotary @ Work Day. 
The Membership Committee is actively working on planning outreach to the public and PR.  They are looking for a large budget to reach their goals.
Paula McCandlis suggested members be encouraged to sponsor their spouses for membership.  At the October 11th board meeting we had already discussed relaxing fineable offenses, such as family or co-workers sitting together and a more family-oriented meeting and functions.
He also reported that the follow-up to the Visioning process is in the works and he will prepare a report to the club for 10-15 minutes in the future.  We also need to update our Rotary Club of Bellingham By-Laws to current RI Rules and in conjunction with our new vision.
Cathy Buckley reported that The Service Fund Committee had 7 proposals this round and the following 3 were approved.  The Board of Directors approved all of the 3 and a request for grants will be sent to the Rotary Club of Bellingham Foundation.
  1. Habitat for Humanity - $1,000 Sponsor Doug Cole: Request supporting the purchase of building equipment required to equip two volunteer build teams simultaneously on complexes consisting of 4 to 8 townhome units at 1050 Telegraph Road.
  2. Tech X-Bellingham Makerspace Career Connected Youth Program - $1,000 Sponsor Robin Halliday:  The funds will be used to build Curriculum, Local Industry relationships and Program Development.
  3. Support Officer - $1,000 Sponsors Teri Treat & Cathy Buckley:  The funds will be used to purchase several resource books to be handed out.  Support Officers work side by side with first responders in sudden, unexpected death situations.                       
Gary Goldfogel reported that he is starting a new series of 6 programs called “Insider’s tour through the profession and business of the Law”
Guests of Rotarians:  
Students of the Month in Humanities, History & Literature
Dale Kinsley introduced Claire Campbell from Bellingham High School and her mother Jennifer Campbell and father Robert Campbell
James Pyles introduced Jaylen Carter "Q" from Options High School and teachers Ms. Mizen-Davis and Ms. Haley
Arlie Norman introduced Sehome High Schools student Lucas Cunningham who was unable to attend and his mother Lauri Brockmann and his wife Diane.
John Pedlow introduced Sarah Maeda from Squalicum High School and her parents Kenji & Claudia Maeda
John Inglis introduced Zach Von Schneidan with Diamond B
Paul Grey brought his wife Mary
John Pedlow introduced Bob Brunkow, former member of our club and current member of  the San Juan Island/Friday Harbor Rotary Club
Del VandeKerk brought Dwayne Neufeld
John Moffat introduced his wife Karen Lerner and members of the Whatcom Chorale: Artistic Director and Conductor Debbie Brown, President Sherrie Kahn, Nancy Goldfogel, Kristi Champagne, Hilde Meadow, Joanna Wiebe, Kim Markworth, Susan Bennerstrom, Rocky Champagne, Eric Morgan, Larry Menninga and John Moffat, with accompanist Emily Gant. 
Gary Goldfogel introduced his wife Nancy and member of the Whatcom Chorale
Dec 24, 2018
Dec 31, 2018
Jan 07, 2019
Federal Magistrate Judging
Jan 14, 2019
Public Defender
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Upcoming Events
2019 Vegas Night
Mt. Baker Theatre
Feb 09, 2019
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM


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