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January 22, 2018  

President Teri opened the meeting at 1228.  We sang the Star Spangled Banner accompanied by Don AndersonRud Browne provided an invocation based on a speech by Martin Luther King.
President Teri reported that the RCOB historical archives will be moved shortly from their long-time home at Moles Funeral Home to the Western Libraries Heritage Resource Center at WWU.


Nathan Twining, on behalf of the Las Vegas night organizers, reminded us that the fund-raising event is scheduled for the evening of March 2 at the Mt Baker Theater.  Each Club member will be asked to buy 2 tickets, either for their own use or to be sold to guests.  We were reminded that this event last year was a of lot fun and very successful.  Participation by all Club members is hoped for. Brad Burdick will be selling tickets prior to and after upcoming Rotary meetings.

There will be a New Member Breakfast next Monday, January 29th at 7:00 am at Bellwether.  Everyone attending will receive a make-up.  The speaker will be by Phil Gubbins on Club Service.


Board Briefs for January 11, 2018 Board meeting
We received a letter of resignation from Jim Vos and it was accepted with great regret.  Jim is completely retired and deeply physically and financially involved in Mark Knittel’s international project in Africa.
Major Project Selection Committee:  Co-Chairman Peter Theisen and Jim Wakefield and member John Inglis attended the board meeting following a kick-off meeting with the committee to select the 2018-2019 Major Project.
The committee is considering the possibility of coming up with a big project for the RCOB.  We have a lot of influence, skills, resources and knowledge that can be tapped.  They wanted the Boards thoughts.
President Teri felt the committee should be empowered and the board loved the idea.  They challenged the committee to come up with a great idea and the Board would certainly consider it. 
Environment Project selection presentation: Chairman Tim Fisher and member Rich Bowers attended the meeting to present a project for funds budgeted in the amount of $2,000.  We would replace the Stimpson Trail Bridge at the Stimpson Nature Reserve in the spring of 2018.  It will entail a work party also.  The cost to complete the project is between $1,700 and $2,000.  The board approved the project.   (Click here for photos)
Western Libraries Heritage Resources-Club records transfer - Sign Deed Gift document has been edited to include the statement “In the event that the Division of Heritage Resources decides to remove any materials described under this Deed of Gift from its holdings, it will notify the Rotary Club of Bellingham in writing vis certified mail.  The Rotary Club of Bellingham will have 60 days from the issuance of a certified letter from the Division of Heritage Resources to elected to take the property back and to pick-up the property...”  The Board approved the signing of the Deed of Gift and Teri Treat authorized Sandra Lindhout to sign the document.  Moles Farewell Tributes has approved letting us keep the remaining documents at the Lakeway location until the end of February.  Teri, Sandee and the History Committee will work on going thru the remaining documents for removal to Monty McAllister’s storage area.  We want to thank Moles Farewell Tributes for their generous storage of our archives for many years.
The following Service Fund Grants were approved by the committee and the Board of Directors for $1,000 each.  A grant request will be made to the RCOB Foundation.
  1. Bellingham Threshold Singers sponsored by Donna Inglis.  These ladies give comfort to those on the threshold of passing away, with their songs and support. This organization does work in cooperation with the local Hospice organization, which we have supported in the past. The grant is for training and outreach materials.
  2. Palliative Care Institute (WWU) sponsored by John Inglis.  which also provides end of life support. The grant is requested for a training program designed for non-professional skilled nursing facility staff, who typically do not have specialized training is this important aspect of patient care.
  3. Habitat for Humanity sponsored by Doug Cole.  They have a major ongoing project called Baker Creek. They are requesting a grant for the purchase of plants in the "mitigation" portion of the project, as outlined in the attachment. 
The Board of Directors approved the following new membership proposals by Email:
   1. Robert E. Olson proposed by Chuck Snyder and Paula McCandlis to fill the classification "Assistant Attorney General" 
    2. James E. Pyles proposed by Bob Morse and Megan Stanfield to fill the classification "Financial Advisor"
They will be eligible for membership on February 12th unless written objection is received by Sandra Lindhout, 2200 Vining St., Bellingham, Wa. 98229 on or before February 5, 2018.
Guests of Rotarians:  
Del VandeKerk introduced Gail Ridenour with the Whatcom Symphony Orchestra
Bob Morse brought James Pyles with Well Fargo Advisors
Chuck Snyder introduced Rob Olsen, Assistant Attorney General
Students of the Month in Science:
Chuck Snyder introduced Bellingham High School Student of the Month Heidi Johnson and her parents Richard and Frances Johnson
Greg Baker introduced Options High School Student of the Month Sarah Sessions, her mother Kristine Hughes and science teacher Stephenie Burgess
Megan Stanfield introduced Sehome High School Student of the Month Eva Airoldi and her parents Glenn & Chris Airoldi
Kimberly Perry provided a preamble to Students of the Month by reminding us that 1940s film star Hedy Lamarr also helped to develop a radio guidance system for Allied torpedoes, which used spread spectrum and frequency hopping technology to defeat the threat of jamming by the Axis powers.  These principles are incorporated in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which are widely used today.  This work led to her induction into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2014.  All the students honored today for Science and Math are also involved in music, foreign language, athletics and community activity

Students of the Month in Science:

Bellingham High School - Heidi A. Johnson  Host: Chuck Snyder

Options High School - Sarah Sessions  Host: Greg Baker

Sehome High School - Eva Airoldi   Host: Megan Stanfield

Squalicum High School - Erica Sluys  Her father, Kevin Sluys passed away Sunday and Erica was unable to attend.  Paul Grey read her resume.



Ogie Shaw – Ogie Shaw Fitness
Mr. Shaw reported that 80% of New Year resolutions had to do with weight reduction, and most of these resolutions failed by the beginning of February.  Why?  Because staying in shape is much easier than getting in shape.  It needs to be a habit and a lifestyle.  There is a general misunderstanding as to what fitness is and he says it consists of three easily measurable components:  Flexibility - A male should be able to, while sitting on the floor, be able to reach 5” beyond their toes; a female should be able to reach 7”.   Cardio / Vascular – Your resting heart rate should be below 72.  If not, the heart is working much too hard.  Body Fat – Mr. Shaw demonstrated a Skinbow caliper to measure body fat.  Men should not have more than 15% body fat and women not more than 20%.  Those with body fat levels above these values are much more prone to infections and disease.  Mr. Shaw recommended fitting exercise into one’s daily routine, preferably the first thing in the morning, seven days a week. He demonstrated an Isorobic Exercise system which is portable and easily used and which provided a well-rounded workout in about five minutes.  A TED Talk version of Mr. Shaw’s presentation may be found at:

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