June 22, 2020     10th VIRTUAL MEETING

Opening :
Pre-Meeting Social Time
Many members joined the Zoom meeting around 12:15 pm for some socializing and a chance to hear Doug Cole’s report on the book “The Grand Lady of Mt. Baker – a History of the Mount Baker Lodge from 1927 – 1931.” 
It seems a group of local investors organized in the mid 1920’s to build the Mt. Baker Lodge, thinking it would draw visitors to the beautiful Heather Meadows area below Mt. Baker.  The first road to the area was built in 1925 and construction of the log and stone structure was begun in that same year.  An impressive DC power plant was built to support a lodge with all the needed amenities.  The lodge was completed and opened for business in 1927. It was a summer lodge only since ready access in winter was not possible. Guests, mainly from out of the area came to hike and enjoy the beauty of the area, but it was expensive and not a draw for local area citizens.  Unsurprisingly, the lodge was not profitable.  In 1931 fire broke out in the lodge and, without any sort of fire suppression system, it was totally destroyed.  The lodge was not rebuilt and has now become a part of the colorful Whatcom County history.
President Cathy showed a picture taken in the mid 1900’s of her mother skiing racing at Mt. Baker.  Her mother won the race and bested the time of the boys in the race. 
Opening Welcome
President Cathy enthusiastically called the 10th Virtual Meeting of the Rotary Club of Bellingham to order at 12:30pm.  Around 60 members connected. Cathy thanked members for participating in the virtual meeting and expressed the hope that we could soon get back to our normal meeting arrangement. 
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Meeting Responsibilities
Day, Andy
Greeter and Announcer
Erchinger-Davis, Hans
Raffle Sales
Wallace, Scott
Photo/Social Media
Tattler Reporter
Tattler Editor
Minister of Fun