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August 20, 2018   

President Sandy continued with what is quickly becoming tradition by wearing yet another hat. This one was quite snazzy and colorful and almost Dr. Suess-like.  But after tantalizing us with clues as to which nationality the hat came from, it was revealed that Thailand, “The Land of Smiles”, could lay claim to ownership. We also learned that the first Rotary Club in Thailand was also “RCOB” – Rotary Club of Bangkok.
Rather than singing the Star Spangled Banner, we were treated to John Stewart’s rendition of the national anthem on his harmonica.  It was a truly impressive performance which earned John a standing ovation!  Ok, so we were already standing but the enthusiastic applause was heartfelt!
Hans Erchinger-Davis gave a thought-provoking invocation in a true-story form. It was the story of a former Lighthouse Mission client, “Bill”, with a history of mental illness who showed up back at the Mission with a message for one of the organization’s chaplain.  The chaplain had spoken words of encouragement to the man some time ago, and “Bill” had returned to thank him.  “Bill” also asked if he could pray for the chaplain, and did so quietly, calmly, and with meaning.  A very moving example of the presence of the Holy Spirit in the soul of a broken person.


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Bellingham Bay Rotary shared that they will be assisting with the Whatcom Center for Early Childhood Learning at their Bacon & Kegs Festival on Sunday, August 26th, and are looking for help.  If you’d like more information, email info@WCEL.netor ask President Sandy.
Nathan “Tiger” Twining spoke highly of the District 5050 Golf Fun Event, in which he participated. He shared that he hit the golf ball the furthest, which won him a nice bottle of wine.  Dinner was great as well, he added.
Last Sunday’s Rotary Car Rally was a big success according to Catherine Riordan, who thanked Jack Westford for all his work in bringing the event together.  Several Rotarians participated including Jim Cunningham, Joe Coons, Arlie Norman, Doug Cole, Ron Jepson, Del Vandekerk and Catherine herself. This reporter didn’t catch who the winner was, but it appeared later in the meeting that there may have been some “sour grapes” due to the use of a “ringer” in the winning car.  So called “ringer” shall remain nameless.
Guests of Rotarians:  
President Sandy McIntire introduced Josselyn Winslow with Alzeimer of Washington and Ariel Miller BTC nursing student and Micki Jackson
John Pedlow introduced his wife Joyce
Felicity Dye brought our newest incoming Exchange Student Carla Serrat Anaya from Spain, and our returning Exchange Student Izzy Cybula from Germany.  She is the daughter of our member Dan Cybula
Donna Inglis introduced her mother Marnell Farley
Scott Wallace brought former member Dave Bradley
Felicity Dye introduced our returning Rotary Exchange student, Izzy Cybula, daughter of our own Dan Cybula.  Now a senior at Sehome High School, Izzy spent the last year in Germany.  She then presented a slide show depicting some of the many favorite activities she participated in.  These included extensive travel around Germany and Europe (10 countries in 15 days), a lot of biking (and subsequent crashes), a full month of Christmas in Leer, interesting food choices (rolled beef, potato balls, sauerkraut), drinking black tea up to 4 times a day, an Easter egg hunt with hardboiled eggs, and lots of time to spend with new friends.  Izzy is certain she will return to Germany!
Important request:  Our  "Contemplating End of Life" series continues thru October and guests are invited.  If you are planning on bringing a guest, please inform Sandee Lindhout by the Wednesday prior to the Monday meeting at 12:00 to aid Northwood Hall in preparation of food.
Our program today began with this moving video:
Hilary Walker from Peace Health’s Advance Care Planning, spoke to us about “Your Voice/Your Choice” – the practice of deciding who/what/where your healthcare will go if (and when) your own end-of-life occurs.
Hilary strongly advocated for all of us to have conversations with our loved ones about what WE would like our life to look and feel like when the inevitable time comes that difficult decisions must be made as to end-of-life care.  Once those conversations have happened, the next step is to create supportive documentation on how we want to live until we can’t, and what do we want that care to be like.
As a teacher of the class Your Voice/Your Choice, Hilary says that nationally, 75-85% of people think an Advance Care Directive is a good idea.  However, only 15 – 20% actually go through the process of creating one.  In Whatcom County there are 10 documents that go with this process, allowing a person to really spell out very specifically what they want; the state of Washington has only one document, and it isn’t as detailed, which in the end is not a lot of help to the people who are left to make decisions once you can’t.  
An Advance Care Directive consists of two things.  First, a durable power of attorney for Healthcare, assigned to someone you trust, someone who is open to your values, someone who will speak for you if you can’t. Second is a Health Care Directive, outlining what treatment you want, and what you do not want.  Do you want hospice care?  Do you want to die at home or in the hospital?  Important questions that you can answer yourself with a directive.
In the last three years, 21% of people in Whatcom county have completed an Advance Care Directive, which is below the national average.  If you reach end-of-life without one, the state will assign you a surrogate.  First, a spouse if you have one, and that person can be relied upon to not be distraught. Second, adult children – all of whom must agree.  Third, living parents who also both must agree.  Fourth would be your adult siblings and again, all must agree.
Without an Advance Care Directive, we put surrogates into a very difficult situation which can cause PTSD for years to come as they ask, “did we do the right thing?”
Your Voice/Your Choice classes are held the first Thursday of each month from 6 – 8pm at the St. Luke’s Community Education Center.  Classes are free.  You are encouraged to attend one if you don’t already have an Advance Care Directive.
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