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January 29, 2018  

President Teri Treat gonged the meeting to order; Don Anderson accompanied the singing of The National Anthem and Gary Goldfogel provided the invocation.


Nathan Twining, on behalf of the Las Vegas night organizers, reminded us that the fund-raising event is scheduled for the evening of March 2 at the Mt Baker Theater.  Each Club member will be asked to buy 2 tickets, either for their own use or to be sold to guests.  We were reminded that this event last year was a of lot fun and very successful.  Participation by all Club members is hoped for. Brad Burdick will be selling tickets prior to and after upcoming Rotary meetings.


Teri acknowledged and thanked members of the Rotary Club of Bellingham Foundation for their work.  Susie Thompson has joined the board as a trustee.  She has been and continues to be the treasurer.  Other members are Kathy Hughes, president; D.C. Morse, vice president; Dennis Williams, Mauri Ingram, and Katherine Deets.  The board is being enlarged to seven members so there is one vacancy.

Donna Ingles was recognized for her participation in The Bellingham Threshold Singers.  The non-profit organization of women sing in small groups to comfort people usually near death.

President Teri announced in the Club year 2013/2014 we voted to provide Sudden Valley/South Whatcom Library Project $10,000 and the final amount donated was $16,489.75 due to our generous Rotarians.   This project was never completed.  We notified Sudden Valley, they could have three years to complete the project or return the monies to the Club.  That time has passed.  We are officially notifying you of this to let you know that the funds will be transferred to our RCOB Foundation Designated Club Account for use to support other charitable donations in the future.    If you have any questions, please contact me.      

Guests of Rotarians:  
Bob Morse brought James Pyles with Well Fargo Advisors
Jennifer Moehl brought Ivana Platt, the Rotary exchange student.

Scott Hume brought Garrett Jeffery
Tom Beaumont introduced yet another new way to painlessly extract money from members through a variation of poker.
A service fund grant to the Palliative Care Institute at Western Washington Institute was announced by John Inglis who introduced Marie Eaton, representing the institute.  The grant will be used to develop a training program for non-medical personnel working in nursing homes.  Palliative care is providing care for people to relieve symptoms near the end of life.


Amy Windrope, director of Region 4 of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, presented a program on the purposes and organization of the department. 
She devoted the bulk of her time on the summer failure of the Cooke Atlantic Salmon farming pens near Cypress Island and questions/answers from the club members.
More than 305,000 fish escaped into Puget Sound.  About 105,000 are not accounted for by the state.  Windrope said there is no concern about the Atlantic salmon from colonizing as they are domesticated and not eating in the wild and are non-reproductive.  She indicated that pathogens or diseases did not seem to be a problem with the Atlantic fish.
Orcas do not eat the Atlantic salmon as they are “selective eaters” and primarily eat native salmon. 
The major problems with the reduced numbers of Pacific salmon are habitat, hydro, hatcheries and harvest.  Loss of habitat may be the biggest problem, she said.  Each of the 4H’s are being addressed by a variety of agencies including Fish and Wildlife, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Natural Resources and Department of Ecology.
A major press conference related to the salmon pen failure was to have been held Tuesday (Jan 30).
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