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August 5, 2019  

Opening :
With a mighty swing, Prexy Cathy clanged the bell and opened the meeting. She of course thanked the usual suspects and then introduced the music.
Brave soul John Dunne played the Rotary song on  the tuba, which he has been playing for only six weeks!
Cathy noted the recent Bellingham Business Pulse awards and that Morse Steel Service was among them. Also another Morse business - Blythe Plumbing and Heating recently renamed Blythe Mechanical Inc.  Congratulations Bob and Daver!!
After meeting excitement:  Rob Westford brought in the newest addition to their family, Zane Westford, born June 3, 2019.  Congratulations Rianna, Rob, Nancy and Jack!!  Looks like a future Rotarian to me...


The Board of Directors meeting will be held today, August 8th, at Sandee Lindhout's home at 2200 Vining St., Bellingham, Wa.  at 4:30

Minister of Fun Larry Halgren called out Ann Jones for her sailor-threatening July fireworks display, which she attempted to recharacterize as innocent, yet admitting to threats aimed at duck and deer.  Adding insult to injury, Larry shared a few one-liners and was quickly given the hook by Cathy.

The annual District Rotary golf outing will be on August 23 at Homestead Golf Club in Lynden.  Cost is $125 per person for golf and dinner with proceeds going to Rotary International.  Contact Nathan Twining if you are interested in participating.

We have 1 more Website Sponsorship remaining at $300 for the year.  Please contact Sandee or President Cathy if you can help.
Major Projects Committee
Jim Wakefield requested that Club members submit any and all ideas for our next Major Project for the Committee's consideration.  Click here for criteria. 
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Guests of Rotarians:  
Paula McCandlis introduced Bill McCool, Executive Director, U. S. Courts, Western District of Washington
Jennifer Moehl introduced our returning 2018-2019 Out Bound Exchange Student, Ivy Burt returning from Japan
Homecoming exchange student, Ivy Burt, shared her experiences living for a year in Nagasaki, Japan, with RCOB’s support. In an excellent, humorous presentation, she shared some highlights.  She loved the transportation, both the bullet and much slower trains.  Japan is a cash-only culture, so no Ubers.  The drinking laws are very strict. The public mass transportation system is supported by fees, paid by those using the highways.  Ivy loved the restaurant tables with buzzers to call the servers, and the food,  “Japanese food,” but said she missed the many options in the U.S.  too.  Ivy lived, sequentially, with three host families, all entrepreneurs, with older children. Japanese young people often move home after college and going into the family business is not unusual.  Ivy attended the local Rotary on a regular basis, an almost exclusively male affair, where she got to practice bowing before speaking, a habit she has given up since returning to the states apparently.  
The Japanese people she met were very hospitable, trying to make her life as easy as possible.She got to try many activities, including boxing, cheerleading, Chinese speech competitions, aerobics, hip hop, and a theatrical performance, playing the lead part of Cinderella.
At school students wore uniforms, no makeup or piercings, and even similar athletic shoes. No cell phones were allowed and students obeyed that rule!
Ivy expressed her gratitude to ROBC for making this experience possible for her.
In a second presentation with a Rotary Scarf, Cathy recognized Terri Treat for the mentoring she has given Cathy, and her leadership within Rotary and communities in the area.
Mark Turner is co-owner of Turner Photographics, a family business he has run for over 25 years. He has published three books of regional photography.  Mark shared advice for our phototaking illustrating that advice in photos he has taken.  Here are some of the tidbits:
The best camera to use is the one you have with you.
Think of your cell phone as a camera because it has many advantages: always available, small, big screen, nearly idiot proof, fully automatic, and it captures depth.  Cell phones also have weaknesses: small sensor for light, automatic functions override individual control, limited battery life, fixed wide-angle lens, and they take poor photos in low light.
When taking photos, slow down and think about what you’re going to photograph.  Optimize image.  Get exactly what you intend. 
Light is an important consideration.  Where is it coming from?  Indoor soft light can be flattering.  Contrasts increase interest.  Can be nice to have light coming through subject (e.g., flowers, fabric). 
Frame your image.   When shooting Mt Baker for example, capture trees/bushes in foreground to frame the mountain. 
Rule of thirds.  Thinking of bingo game board, he advised not always putting subject in center square, but off to the sides.  Or maybe put eyes in a facial closeup in the top center box rather than the center. Consider leaving open space within the photo. All these make photos more interesting.
Leading lines.  Capturing lines in the scene can create interest and point viewer to the main image (e.g., waves in the beach sand pointing to Oregon haystacks).
Night shots.  Steady phone against an object like lamppost to improve image.
Diagonals.  Using diagonals creates interest/intrigue.  Tilting the camera can be a nice artistic effect, but tilt needs to be more than just a few degrees, which is more irritating that appealing.
Finding symmetry and changing the level (e.g., eye level w animal) in a scene can be striking too. 
In closing Mark encouraged us to explore our world, including the details that make compelling images.
Aug 19, 2019
Michelle Judson - Skagit Stem
Aug 26, 2019
Todd Elsworth - Recreation Northwest
Sep 02, 2019
Holiday - Labor Day
Sep 09, 2019
District Governor Brad Whittaker Visit
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