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February 10, 2020      

Opening :
It began delightfully with greetings from John Mahoney and James Pyles. The rubber chicken was nicely submerged in tasty pasta and the cookies were plentifully supplied with chocolate drops. The Rotary Brass was quite melodic as we sang America the Beautiful but we missed Brad. Surely he has not retired from the horn as well.
Nathan Twining impressed again with his thoughtful comments about change.
President Kathy was doing the two step today. She returned from a hectic ski trip at 2 AM only to learn that the program for the day had cancelled out. Rud Browne came to the rescue offering to do the program. Thanks Rud for being willing, but he got rubbed out by the SKI TRIP.



Marty Haines announced that their will be a tour of our Rotary Club of Bellingham archives, Thursday February 27th 12:00 noon at the Goltz-Murray Archives Bldg., 808 25th St., Bellingham.  To sign up contact  Marty at or cell 360-739-0204.  20 spots available with limited free parking across the street. That's severely limited - maybe a carpool is in order.

Rob Olson is a terrific Minister of Fun. Lots of laughs and lots of bucks-and that’s the idea.

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Guests of Rotarians:  
Mike Plenkovich introduced our vet of the month, Daniel Mullins
Bob Diehl introduced his wife, Connie
Robin Halliday brought her husband, Dan
Mike Plenkovich introduced this months "Take a Vet to Lunch" veteran, Daniel Mullins an impressive fellow with six years of military service including two tours in Iraq and a substantial educational resume. If you can help Daniel find a job, contact him at here for resume
Jim Wakefield and Gail Ridenour reported for their Major Project Selection Committee; This year’s goal is to get an earlier start selecting our annual project. To speed things along a five-minute brainstorming session was held with each table discussing suggestions. Then the recorder at each table verbally reported the results. A worthwhile exercise it seemed. If you have a great project you would like to propose or sponsor please contact Gail or Jim.
The Rotary SKI TRIP report then commenced with photos and recitations and anecdotes and photos and stories and remembrances and testimonials and photos and invitations for next year and tales of previous years and photos. One member was overheard commenting, “That was the longest non-program I have ever heard”. This editor was hoping for captions that were a little more entertaining, we had to be satisfied with “normal” words. Eventually the cry “RAFFLE” was heard and the meeting staggered to its close.
Apr 13, 2020
Student Exchange Presentation
Apr 20, 2020
High School Student Recognition Program
Apr 27, 2020
Honduras Trip and the Int'l Partnership Alliance
May 04, 2020
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Editor:  Brian Griffin
Reporter:  Tom Grinstad
Invocation:  Nathan Twining
Greeter:  John Mahoney
Greeter & Announcer:  James Pyles
Raffle:  Sara Maloney
AV:  Jim Cunningham
Photographer & Social Media: Mike Diehl 
Minister of Fun:  Rob Olson
Music:  Rotary Brass
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