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September 30, 2019    

Opening :
In another enthusiastic welcome, President Cathy noted it was a good weekend for two local football teams, but not so much for the third.  Sorry Cougar fans. 


Daver Morse was congratulated again on being listed as one of Bellingham’s best businesses, grilled on how much that has impacted his business, and encouraged to signify his success with some happy bucks.
Ralph Rinne let us know that Don Anderson was hospitalized over the weekend and is awaiting further testing.  Only family members are visiting at this time.  Ralph will share more information, hopefully about a speedy recovery.
Ski Trip. President Cathy shared some photos which may have piqued interest in the ski trip among skiers and reminded nonskiers of the reason they don't ski. There are currently 14 people signed up to go to Steamboat in February.  Ideally, there would be 20-25 people, although the trip will go with just 14 if there are no more registrants. Nonskiers can have a good time in Steamboat and so are encouraged to come along. Cathy will be visiting other Rotary clubs seeking additional travelers.
Membership Committee: Zac Von Schneidau, an avid expert mountain biker, and Catherine Riordan, an indoor stationary-only biker, took the new RCOB booth to a Sunday afternoon family event sponsored by the Whatcom Bike Coalition, held at Lake Padden.  Cyclists (actually the parents of the cyclists in the learn-how-to-ride event) were aware and appreciative of Rotary’s involvement with the parking lot improvements. Overall it was a success, thanks in part to the extreme duck-tape included in the booth set-up.
President Cathy reminded members that the Club will host a Seahawks viewing party at the Country Club on Thursday, October 3rd. The ‘Hawks play the defending Division Champion LA Rams in our house, which will be loud and hopefully rainy and cold. Doors open at 5PM and the game starts at 5:20.   FIRST FOOTBALL POOL NUMBERS:  Seahawks vs Rams - October 3rd  Click Here
John Moffat reported that the Blood Donation visit will occur on October 21st and sign-ups will be available starting next Monday for two weeks.

Saturday, October 5, 4:30 – 7:00 PM, The “Shoot the trails” event is a large movie production in the biking industry and all of the different brands will be there.  It will be held at Bellingham Technical College.  
Saturday, November 16, 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM, is a work party at the Galbraith parking lot site.
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Guests of Rotarians:  
Dick Tucker introduced Bacchus Taylor with Exploration Academy
John Macpherson brought John Mahoney with Anvil
Zach von Schneidau introduced Kathie Hardy
Lynda Hinton brought Harold Schot with Life Plan Financials
Happy Bucks:
There were many happy RCOB members today: a father of new baby, a few folks celebrating 34 years of marriage, and another member celebrating an equally long and happy period since his divorce.  There was a member who was a top two finisher in a scary windstruck sailing race in Seattle, a honeymooner just back from Europe, and a member just happy about the 40 years he been a member of the RCOB. Sweet.
Minister of Fun:
Minister of Fun today involved Paula McCandlis and Kirsten Hunt engaging us in a word association game in which we tried to read Paula and Kirsten's minds—a riveting experience.  It was a lucrative event for the club—at least at my table.
PROGRAM: Sonja Wingard - Animals As Natural Therapy
Sonja Wingard founded Animals as Natural Therapy, which has served the area for over 20 years with programs for children, vets, and others.  Her background is in nursing. 
Wingard believes in the power of relationships between humans and animals to promote mental health.  For disturbed youth, she has seen how such relationships can foster improvement when traditional approaches to treatment haven’t worked.  She has seen many kids move from fear to self-confidence, as they relate to a 1K pound horse, which requires that they consciously and unconsciously create an environment for that relationship, be acutely aware of the horse and its needs, and then learn how to work with those needs and how their own behavior affects the horse.  Wingard says the therapy helps the kids learn to create safe spaces and boundaries, essential skills for everyone in life and work.
Wingard’s work involves mostly horses, following the work of Linda Kohanov who laid a foundation for equine relationships and therapy, and is a believer that horses have a lot to teach humans, lessons that can be difficult to learn in other settings.  
400 kids a year go to the farm to interact with animals. Some are referred by professionals.  Many are withdrawn or angry.  Wingard says horses will mirror the emotions of the kids while the kids may express feelings in ways they are not doing with humans. In interacting with these 1K pound animals, kids learn what boundaries they need and how to set those with the horse. Kids also grow in their listening and observation skills, learning the impact of subtle changes in their own behavior (e.g., moving away slightly) on the horse.
Participating kids are encouraged to develop a contract with the horse that goes something like this: I need you to take good care of me, and I promise that I will take care of you.  I need you to forgive me when I make mistakes, and I promise to forgive you.
Kids are not the only ones served.  There are many types of programs offered, including an intergenerational one, small after school programs, some for those suffering from PTSD, veterans, women who have been trafficked, and even corporate programs. Wingard believes small scale programs work best and has launched satellite progams in the area. 
There is a breakfast Wednesday, October 2, at 7:15am at BTC.
President Cathy thanked the speaker and shared her powerful connection to horses in her childhood and her desire to be inclusive, and not just passively inclusive.
Oct 21, 2019
Tim Farris - Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail
Oct 28, 2019
Lee Rhodes - Glassy Baby
Nov 04, 2019
Sabah Randhawa - WWU President
Nov 11, 2019
Holiday - Veteran's Day
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