Student Recognition Program in Math, Science and Theater
    Bellingham High School:
    Grayson Stone         Gillian Spilker     Madison "Sunny"Holton
         Math                      Science                       Theater
  Options High School:
     Riley Whelen       Charlotte Hasbrouck   Dylan Schenkel
            Math                        Science                       Theater
  Sehome High School:
     Sierra Hawes        Ella Thompson            Lola Bultsma
            Math                          Science                    Theater
Squalicum High School:
    Wesley Sluys               Hazel Tetrick         Rayyan Salam
            Math                           Science                   Theater
  Rotary Brass honoring Veteran's Day: Doug Cole, John Dunne, Brad Burdick, Del VandeKerk
  and guest players Brad Bigelow (French Horn) and Mark Lindenbaum (Tuba)
  Kathi Hiyane-Brown  Mike Bradburn

November 7, 2022

Opening Welcome:
President Paul Grey brought the meeting to order at 12:30. He noted that this was a special meeting to honor outstanding students in math, science, and theater from the four Bellingham high schools. He also thanked the parents who gave them the stable platform and encouragement to achieve their success.
An expanded Rotary Brass sextet played a medley of the official Armed Forces anthems of the five uniformed services with Doug Cole, Del VandeKerk, Brad Burdick and guests Brad Bigelow and Mark Lindenbaum playing both are retired physicians and members of the Bellingham Symphony.

Doug Cole gave the invocation, thanking the students and their parents and teachers who have guided them to achieve so much.
Club and Committee Announcements:
Obituary for Bob Nicholl by Larry Halgren
Member of the club from 2004 to 2020
Robert James “Bob” Nicholl was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  He died shortly before his 94th birthday. His education was fun: 11 schools in 12 yrs. Bob was an avid Hockey player until his ambitions were overtaken by his lack of skills on the ice. 
Bob met Lois in the 12th grade, and they dated for four years before being married. They were married for 71 years this past September.  They have three children, Karen, Bruce and Derek.
Bob had a degree in science from University of Alberta, and an MBA from the University of Western Ontario.
His first job was with the Hudson’s Bay Company in Calgary as a management trainee. He didn’t care for this job and landed a job at Mobil Oil.  Bob started in New York with Mobil and held many different positions.   He was in New York (twice) Singapore, Calgary, and London (twice) where he retired in 1988.
Bob and Lois traveled the world…every continent, every ocean. Loved golfing, sports, reading, and teaching his 4 granddaughters to play competitive pool.
Bob was a board member on the Bellingham Festival of Music, the Whatcom symphony and was on the building committee for the Mt Baker Theater.  
Bob loved pointing out he was older than Mickey Mouse by about a week.
We’d all like to think Bob has met up with his long-time friend and past Rotarian Cleary Cone and they are enjoying a martini or two!
At his request, there will be no formal funeral services.
Up Coming Events - Additional information and registration is available in Events on the website  
November 27, 2022:  Wreath Making at Garden Spot  4:30-6:00 pm
December 3, 2022:  NSEA (Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association) Work Party 
December 10, 2022:  Salvation Army Bellringing  
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11/12/2022 Washington vs Oregon  (Click Here)
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11/21  Turkey Breast, Veggie Melody, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Rolls, Garden Salad, Fruit, Iced Tea
11/28  Beef Stew, Rolls, Garden Salad, Fruit, Iced Tea
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Enter from Eliza Ave: the driveway between Kellogg Rd and Westerly Rd has a driveway into the campus, follow that about 200 yards until it slopes down, park in the area between the three buildings.
Enter from Cordata Parkway: Just north of the WTA station and Cruisin Coffee before the round about is Orca Lane, take Orca Lane around the first two buildings until you find a large parking lot between three buildings.
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Student Recognition Program Students and guests:
Bellingham High School 
Math:  Grayson Stone with Parents Hannah & Brad Stone and grandmother Wendy Courtemanche
Science: Gillian Spilker  
Theater: Madison Holton and Parents Jeremie and Susan Parsons
Options High School 
Math:  Riley Whelan and Parents Casandra & Byron Dicrazia
Science:  Charlotte Hasbrouck and Father Mike Hasbrouck
Theater:  Dylan Schenkel  
Sehome High School 
Math:  Sierra Hawes and Dad  Sean Hawes
Science:  Ella Thompson and Parents Kim and Greg Thompson
Theater: Lola Bultsma  
Squalicum High School 
Math:  Wesley Sluys with Mom Irene
Science:  Hazel Tetrick and Dad Jeff Tetrick
Theater: Rayyan Salam and Dad Moneer Salam
Del VandeKerk introduced guests joining the Rotary Brass, Brad Bigelow (French Horn) and Mark Lindenbaum (Tuba)
Roland Trenouth brought Jose Ledesma with Edward Jones
Marty Haines brought his wife Gail
Members attending on Zoom:  Bob Morse, Andy Day. Steve Hager, Vinson Latimore and Fred Kaiser


President Paul introduced returning member Mike Bradburn for his induction. President Paul noted that Mike had been instrumental in bringing Hospice House to Bellingham.  Past President Peter Thiesen gave him the charge of membership.  Welcome back Mike!!!
We will hear more about Mike during his New Member talk but in the meantime:
Mike grew up near Seattle and moved to Bellingham in the fall of 1971 as a sophomore at Sehome High School.
After graduating from Sehome, he gained his degree at WWU, then moved to Seattle for nearly 20 years – ultimately ending up in the Seafood industry.  All the time, he was buying and selling fixer-upper homes long before it was the chic thing to do.  He moved back to Bellingham in 1999 and has thoroughly enjoyed being back home.

He started Crystal Creek Logistics in 2008, a company focused on shipping (mostly frozen foods) for online retailers. They grew it to 5 facilities nationally and ended up selling to Lineage Logistics in 2021. The time it took to establish and run this company sadly took him away from Rotary until recently.

Finally, and most importantly, in 2000, he had an opportunity to become acquainted with hospice programs and subsequently made it his mission to bring a hospice facility to the Bellingham community.  He said Rotary played a huge role in helping bring this vision to fruition.  Because of that and the many friends he'd gained in his 10+ years at Rotary, his decision to once again become a Rotarian was an easy one.  He is very much on board with doing what he can to help Rotary return to what it once was!

Activity-wise, he makes good use of his airplane and has been a skier for 54 years. He spends a lot of time mountain biking, hiking, and trail running in and around the various hills in our area.

Program:  Student Recognition Program

Bellingham High School - Host John Pedlow  
Math:  Grayson Stone  - Grayson plays on the basketball team, put together a YouTube video on climate change, and is interested in a career in climate law.
Science: Gillian Spilker - Gillian was honored by her science teacher. She is a State-level XC runner as well as on the track, gymnastics and cheer teams. She is looking forward to a career in science.
Theater: Madison "Sunny" Holton -  “Sunny” was honored for her work as stage manager for theater performances. She plans to attend WCC.
Options High School - Host Marty Haines
Math:  Riley Whelan - Riley was honored as the outstanding math student. She said that math is her favorite subject. She also loves to read fiction and to write reviews of about-to-be released young adult books for Village Books.  
Science:  Charlotte Hasbrouck - Charlotte was selected for her work in science class. Her teacher noted that Charlotte has a very positive attitude and helps other students. She is considering taking a “gap year” to help her father with his new business.
Theater:  Dylan Schenkel - Dylan was honored for his multiple contributions to the drama program. Not only is he a talented actor and mentor to other students, he completely revamped their lighting and sound systems. He plans to travel in Europe next year to indulge his love of theater.
Sehome High School - Host Felicity Dye
Math:  Sierra Hawes - Sierra was selected as the outstanding math student by her math teacher, who noted that Sierra is curious and always goes beyond what is asked. She is looking forward to a career in elementary education.
Science:  Ella Thompson - Ella was honored for her work as a science student. Her science teacher described her as a “super science” student who is bright and creative.
Theater: Lola Bultsma - Lola was selected for creative theater work. During the pandemic, while school was being held remotely, she organized a few other students who wrote and acted for a film, called “Connect/Disconnect” about their pandemic experience which has been nominated for several awards. She was also described as having a great comedic sense.
Squalicum High School - Host Tom Grinstad
Math:  Wesley Sluys - Wesley was selected as the outstanding math student. He says he likes the challenge of doing math problems. He is also a State-level CX runner.
Science:  Hazel Tetrick - Hazel has excelled in science. She is a member of Health Occupation Students of America, plays on her school basketball and golf teams and is planning on majoring in biochemistry in college with an eye toward going into the medical field.   
Theater: Rayyan Salam -  Rayyan was selected as the outstanding theater student. She is the president of their drama club and enjoys reading mysteries. She also enjoys outdoor activities with her family, such as hiking. She is hoping to go to law school.
Minister of Fun:
John Moffat was Minister of Fun. He presented several multiple-choice questions about time change which stumped most of us.
President Paul thanked everyone who made the meeting possible and gave a special thanks and round of applause to the Rotary Brass.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 PM PST.
November Rotary Anniversaries - Thank you for your service!
John Holtzheimer
53 years of service
Dick Tucker
36 years of service
Ken Culver
33 years of service
Cathy Buckley
22 years of service
Paul Grey
21 years of service
Mike Diehl
19 years of service
John Moffat
8 years of service
Shauna Naf
5 years of service

November Birthdays - Happy Birthday!

  • Brian Griffin
  • John Holtzheimer
  • Catherine Riordan
  • Vinson Latimore
  • Rud Browne
  • Greg Grant
  • Sandee Lindhout
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