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March 12, 2018  

President Teri welcomes us and invited us to sing the Star Spangled Banner, accompanied by Don Anderson.  Scott Hume provided the Invocation, encouraging us to “agree to disagree” when necessary, and to do so with love.
President Teri then offered up a piece of Club History, this one focused on “funny”.
In 1958 – 60 years ago – Hugh Galbraith was President of our Club.  He typically would offer gifts to guests; sometimes toilet paper (from GP), sometimes canned salmon.  He was also given to “Will Rogers” type humor.  Teri went on to quote one of Hugh’s jokes:  “A farmer had a bull who showed no interest in the cows in his pasture.  He went to the vet, explained his problem, and was given red pills to give the bull.  This seemed to do the trick, as eventually there were many calves populating his fields.  After some time, the farmer ran out of the red pills.  Fearing that the increased calf population would stop, he went back to the vet and asked for more.  The vet laughed and said, “Almost all the pills I give out are red.  I don’t know which ones I gave you”.  The farmer knew, however.  “The ones that taste like cinnamon”. 
Alrighty then.


There is an upcoming Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, RYLA, Leadership Camp, May 24-27 in Washington State.  This is open to friends and family of Rotarians, who are between the ages of 18-30. Please go to the for more information. These leadership camps are life changing for many.  
Board Briefs March 8, 2018
Western Libraries Heritage Resources-Club records transfer was completed Tuesday, February 27, 2018.  President Teri Treat, History committee members Marty Haines and Monty McAllister and Exec. Sec. Sandra Lindhout went thru the remaining documents and records that were decided to keep have been stored at Monty McAllister’s storage unit. 
Colleen Baldwin is having health issues again and Board member Arlie Norman has undergone heart surgery and recovering well at home nicely.
Brian Griffin & Jim Wakefield visited our Board meeting to follow up with a proposal the 2018-2019 Major Project Selection Committee is asking the Board to consider.  The Board liked the proposal and you will hear about this exciting project at the March 19th meeting. 
Teri updated the Board regarding the 2017-2018 Scholarship Major Project Campaign which she reported we exceeded our $400,000 goal and have a total of $469,000 in pledges. 
Brad Burdick attended the meeting to report on Las Vegas Night.  Final proceeds about $2,000.00. Other “take a ways” were:    
  • People really enjoyed the evening!
  • We increased our visibility in the community with the radio ads but we sold no tickets because of this advertising
  • We increased knowledge of what our club is about with everyone who came but we could have done more to tell our story
  • This was a successful social event but it wasn't a fund raiser…but we didn't lose money!
  • We have an opportunity to continue to grow this event based on the positive experience participants had this year.
  • Start working on the event earlier and more membership involvement in the planning.
There is a District Training Seminar, April 7, 2018 in Surrey BC and the club is required to pay for 5 members to attend in the amount of $175.00.  Current and New board members were encouraged to register.   Click here to register
Bob Nicholl announced that our beloved Cleary Cone has been transferred to Whatcom Hospice House.  Cleary is lucid, but weak.  Not too weak to enjoy a Beefeater Martini with olives, however; Bob supplied the liquid nourishment in Mount Baker Theatre “sippy cups” and Cleary greatly enjoyed it.  He is willing to have visitors, but please call first.  He is in Room 1.  Our prayers are with you, Cleary.
Whatcom North Rotary Club needs some assistance with their Career Fair, which will be held at Bellingham Technical College on (I DIDN’T CATCH THE DATE).
If you are interested and willing to help, get ahold of Dale Holt at Whatcom North Rotary Club.
Dues are due!  Dues are due! Dues are due!  So “due” it!
Guests of Rotarians:  
Marty Haines brought Gail Ridenour with the Whatcom Symphony Orchestra and his wife Gail
Paula McCandlis introduced her husband Joe Dozal
Mike Plenkovich introduced Mitchell Jasper our most recent "Take a Vet to Lunch"
Monty McAllister brought Ron Weitnauer, former Rotarian
A Certificate of Membership and the Four Way Test were awarded to new member, Dan Cybula, who holds the classification “Medical Device Distribution”.   Congratulations, Dan!
There was also a New Member Induction of Gail Ridenour, the Executive Director of the Whatcom Symphony Orchestra.  Gail was introduced by Marty Haines, and the new member induction was performed by former president,  Del Vandekerk.  Welcome to the Club, Gail!
Our Club’s “Take a Vet to Lunch” program is getting good traction, and seeing positive results, according to Mike Plenkovich.  This is a new committee, whose intent is to introduce veterans at our meetings with the hope that we might assist them with getting the word out – and their resumes out as well – to businesses outside of our Club.  Club member’s help in this effort is very much appreciated.
Mike then introduced Mitchell Jasper, a United States Marine Corps veteran (accompanied by an “OORAH” by Sandy McIntire).  Mitchell served in the Marine Corp from June 2007 – April 2009.  He now lives in Lynden, and volunteers with groups who help veterans.  He graduated from WWU in 2017 with a degree in Health and Human Services, and would like to work with any organization who helps veterans get back on their feet, or organizations who work to help deal with homelessness.
Please help get the word out!


Steve Ban introduced today’s speaker, Chris Figureida with Cycle for Heart.
Chris is an accomplished athlete who has taken several bicycle trips in the past several years with the intent of encouraging elementary school age children to be aware of the health of their bodies, and getting them into physical activities.
He also seeks to promote Rotary and Polio Plus internationally.
Chris offered a slide show of some of his many experiences traveling from Southern California to Maine in 2007.  Some highlights included riding on I-40 (legal if there isn’t an alternate route), crossing the Arizona Divide (elevation 7335), traveling down Route 66, standing on the corner of Winslow, Arizona, crossing the Continental Divide, surviving an F5 tornado in Kansas which included being hit in the face by golf ball-size hail, pushing his bike through flood waters from the Mississippi River, biking through the Appalachians with uphill grades up to 22%, biking through Philadelphia – the city of brotherly love – along with 1.5 million people angrily getting along with each other, crossing the entire state of Rhode Island in less than two yours, and finally reaching the end of his journey at the Lubec Lighthouse in Maine, which is the easternmost point in the USA. 
At that point Chris said he “felt completed”.  Along the way Chris was hosted by several legislators on visits to their respective capital buildings.
All in all on that trip he rode 3,764 miles in 64 days, and visited 14 schools with 7,000 kids ages K-8.  Chris noted that this generation will be the first to NOT outlive their parents due to lack of exercise which results in obesity and all the problems that come with that, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.  Chris’ mission was to try and show the kids how to be healthy, and why it is so important. 
At the end of his presentation, Chris let us know that he actually has a day job.
He makes “magic tricks” that are used by magicians that include David Copperfield.

Never a dull moment with this young man!


Apr 30, 2018
May 07, 2018
Vietnam MASH Units and returning to Vietnam
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May 21, 2018
Recent Ugandan water and sanitation project and Mark Knittel talking about his ARES project.
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