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August 2, 2021   

Book Review by Dominique Zervas - "The Cellist of Sarajevo"  by Steven Galloway, 2008
          In 1945, a few bars of a sonata were found in the remnants of a firebombed Library. The musicologist who found them believed the notes were by composer Tomas Albinoni, and spent the next twelve years reconstructing a larger piece from the manuscript fragment. The resulting piece is called Albinoni’s Adagio in G Minor—a slow and beautifully haunting piece for strings.
          About fifty years later, Serbian fighters held Sarajevo under siege for four years. From bunkers in the surrounding hills, they daily bombed the city; and their snipers killed residents on the streets and in their homes. Most buildings were destroyed, the rest were damaged; and the residents were cut off from food, water, and electricity.
          Early on, a mortar round aimed at the marketplace killed 22 people, and injured nearly another 80, who were waiting in line for food. 
          Soon after Vedran Smailovic, a Bosnian cellist, played the Adagio for 22 days in the destroyed marketplace—one day for each person killed.
          Despite its title, the book is not about the cellist, instead the central characters are three people:
  1. Kenan is a young father who lives with his wife and three young children. He struggles with life and exists in fear, trying to pretend that everything is the same as it was before the siege. Every four days he walks to the outskirts of town, carrying water jugs for his family and their neighbor to fill them—he pretends he is walking to work. Like for the other residents, each trip for exposes him to sniper fire. He struggles to care for his children, fearful they will be permanently scarred by the war. When horrible things happen—bombings, sniper attacks, he is frozen in fear—he watches and can do nothing. He relaxes only when he hears the cellist play; the sound of the music gives him hope
  2. Arrow is a young, solitary, military woman with an extraordinary aim. Her struggle is with who she was before the war, when she was a student and just like other young women of her age; and who she becomes during the siege. She is brought in by the Defense Council as a sniper to protect the cellist from being killed while he is playing; the music touches her deeply and transforms her attitude and her understanding of who she is and what she must do.
  1. Dragan is an older bakery worker whose family escaped. Initially, he completely isolates himself because he is afraid to lose people. He feels trapped by the snipers and out of fear of them will wait for hours before crossing an intersection. At one point, he meets an old friend at an intersection, and she is shot by the snipers; the unfolding of that event changes how he sees himself and his place in the City. He also hears the cellist play and comes to believe that the cellist does so to keep ideals—those of civilization and beauty and hope—alive.
          Through their experiences, each of them is able to find a way to retain their souls and their humanity. It is a terrible and beautiful story; and the writing is attentive, simple, delicate, and lyrical.
Opening Welcome:  
At 12:30pm President Peter Theisen welcomed everyone to our 4702nd meeting and 4th in-person meeting since the pandemic. He had a moment of silence in remembrance of Arlie Norman who died over the weekend.  A tribute to Arlie will be held in the future.
Rick Kaiser, in memory of Arlie Norman and in recognition of Arlie's son Jeff who is an officer in the Army, shared a video of “Battle Hymn of the Republic” played by the US Army Field Band and sung by the Field Band Chorus.
Debbie Ahl gave the invocation.
Minister of Fun: Larry Halgren
Club and Committee Announcements

1. John Dunne announced that the Major Projects Committee will be meeting immediately after the next Rotary meeting to hear a project presentation by the YMCA.

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Dale Rings zoomed in from Arizona with member Chuck Snyder
Other members who were on Zoom:  Loch Trimingham, Dennis Williams, Sandy McIntire, Dick Tucker, Brad Burdick, Debbie Ahl, Monty McAllister, John Harris, Scott Wallace, Frank King and Jennifer Moehl.
Program: Good News about the Bellingham Herald!
Julie Shirley, a past member of this Club and Executive Editor of the Herald since 2013.  She gave a presentation about the struggles that the paper and other print newspapers have faced since internet news sites have been diverting advertising money away from print outlets. Newspapers now receive only 3.2% of all the money spent on advertising in the U.S.  Newspaper publications have been very slow to adapt to the change, not only in funding, but also in realizing how people prefer to get their news. The Herald’s parent company, McClatchy, declared bankruptcy and was sold in 2020 to Chatham Asset Management Co. which has been able to revive the Herald by revising policies and management, encouraging subscribers to get the paper online, outsourcing all departments except news, and investing more in the newsroom. They sold the Herald’s outdated downtown office building and have relocated to a modern “green” office in Barkley Village. Circulation is up 15% in the past year and they have been able to hire 2 new reporters, one to cover environmental affairs and the other to cover indigenous affairs. Shirley stayed after to answer questions and to discus the future of the local newspaper industry.
Covid Report: 
Dr. Gary Goldfogel gave a brief COVID report. There are 10 people hospitalized at St. Joe’s, a 50% increase from last week. Of those, 5 are in the ICU
President Theisen closed the meeting shortly after 1:30.
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