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November 20, 2017   

President Teri Treat opened the meeting followed by the Star-Spangled Banner.

Joe Coons gave a lighthearted invocation reminding us of our younger years.


Del VandeKerk, Chairman of the 2018-2019 Nominations Committee  with committee members Teri Treat, Sandy McIntire, Lisa Saar and Scott Hume announced the following Nominations for the December 11, 2017 Elections:  The board, in a special meeting on Nov. 13 met and approved the slate of officers proposed by the committee.

President:  Sandy McIntire

President - Elect:  Cathy Buckley

Vice President/Programs:  Gary Goldfogel

Treasurer:  Steve Gray

Board of Directors (Vote for 2)

Mike Diehl

John Moffat

John Stewart

Roland Trenouth


There will be a New Member Breakfast meeting, Monday November 27th at 7:00 a.m - 7:45 am at the Bellwether Hotel followed by Rotation Day Speaker will be Dominique Zervas talking about the process to get matching funds from R.I. Foundation and International Service projects in general.

Bell Ringing Schedule Link for December 16th.  Contact Jim Vos and Jim Wakefield if you have any changes and also be sure to contact your "Partner" to make sure they will be there.

Blood Signups  for  December 4th are still being taken.  Contact John Moffat or Steve Ban if you are interested.
The 2017-2018 Major Project this year is raising funds for the RCOB Foundation Scholarship Fund with a goal of raising $400,000.  You will be receiving phone calls from the committees so be ready to pledge.  Click Here to find the pledge card to return to Sandee.
Guests of Rotarians:  
Jack Westford introduced Paul Pelot with WorkSource.  Paul is working with the club on our "Take a Vet to Lunch project"
Chuck Snyder brought Rob Olson, Attorney General
Andrew Evans introduced his son, Roy Evans
Students of the Month - Visual Arts Introductions:
Rogan Jones introduced Zoe Thompson from Bellingham High School and her Parents Terry and Nina Thompson and Principal Linda Wise Miller
Greg Baker introduced Alejandro Ponce from Sehome High School and his Parents Luis Ponce and Joan Drinkwin
Lisa Saar introduced Blayze Kiefer-Vanderyacht from Options High School and herMother, Kelly Kiefer and Art Teacher Laurel Kunesh
Yvonne Cartwright was to host Laura Cornwell from Squalicum High School but she was unable to attend.
We had the Visual Arts Student of The Month presentations from Bellingham High School, Squalicum High School, Sehome High School and Options High School. The students brought examples of their art work.   They are as follows:

Bellingham High School – Zoe Thompson
     She is being awarded for her Artistic endeavors but also is a varsity runner in both XC and track since Freshman year, and selected this Fall as one of only two recipients from BHS for a "Northwest Conference Leaders in Sportsmanship" award.  She also has traveled  to China in 2015 with Children's House International (adoption agency) 
Options High School – Blayze Kiefer-Vanderyacht
  Blayze is someone who does not color inside the lines.  She is currently a straight A student at Options High School.  Options classes are project…hands on instead of the typical teaching methods.   She likes English and Science and is currently studying Killer Whales.   Some of the most vivid memories she can recall from her childhood include the arts. Whether it was desperately trying to color inside of the lines, or painting fantastical scenes onto barren canvases, creativity has consistently followed her throughout the years. As she grew older, the arts have come to serve as an outlet to release emotions, ideas, and everything in between. Through both the good times and the bad, she could always express her thoughts through pencils, paper, ink, and color. She hopes to pursue creativity wherever she goes next, and hopefully make a career out of sharing her passions and ideas through visual arts. Her ultimate goal is to brighten the world with splashes of color and imagination.

Sehome High School – Alejandro Ponce
   Art has always been a part of his life.  When he was little he would draw animals & mythical creatures, nothing made him happier.  The first time he watched the show Avatar the Last Airbender he was instantly inspired and his love for storytelling was born.  He wants to create animated shows that entertain people and aren't in it for the money. 
Squalicum High School – Laura Cornwell (Laura was unable to attend)
    She feels art is a gift and starting art classes in elementary school helped her going down this path.  She likes to draw with pencil
   Like most creative people, her interests expand to Music.  She is in the Squalicum Band and in fact was at the Western International Bank Clinic today and that was the reason she was unable to attend the luncheon.
   She plays flute, french horn and the trombone.  She plays flute with the North Sound Youth Symphony and has since the 7th grade.  She plans to attend Central Washington University & major in Music Education hoping to be a band teacher at the Middle or High School level in the future.
Ivanna Platt is our incoming exchange student from Hermosilla, Mexico.  For those unable to attend, Hermosilla is in the more northwest of the country. The city is roughly ten times the size of Bellingham, so Ivanna has come to a relatively small community. Her home city is in the state of Sonora, a desert climate that claims cacti as views. But the ocean, actually what we call the Gulf of California, is only an hour or two away. I bet the swimming there is much different than here. She gave a charming presentation on her country and her experience in our country and attending school in Bellingham.  The school she attends is a girls only school and they wear uniforms to school, thus no deciding what to wear to school each day. She hinted that she has to rise earlier than normally just to decide on the "outfit" she will wear for the day. Aah - remember when those were the big decisions we had to make for the day? Ivanna's command of the English language is pretty good, and her delivery was entertaining. Well done young lady.
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