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December 3, 2018   

A hatless (!) President Sandy opened the meeting by wishing everyone Happy Hanukkah.  Sandy said that there would be a board meeting with District Governor Linda Murray after the lunch.  He reminded everyone that December 17 is the date to provide gratuities to the staff at Northwood Hall for their service at our meetings during the year, so the members should bring cash and their checkbooks.


President Sandy announced the results of the Nominating Committee ( Teri Treat, Cathy Buckley, Sandy McIntire, John Pedlow and Doug Cole) and the following members have been selected for the 2019-2020 Rotary Year:  Elections will be held next week, December 10, 2018

President: Cathy Buckley

President-Elect:  Gary Goldfogel

Vice-President/Program Chairman:  Peter Theisen

Treasurer:  Steve Gray

Board of Directors:  Bruce Clawson and Lisa Saar

Scott Hume reminded members to submit their donations for the major project (Galbraith Mt. parking-remember?). Members are encouraged to make their major project pledges as soon as possible. Cash or stocks are two options for contributing.  You can go to to make your payment or mail a check payable to The Rotary Club of Bellingham Foundation, 2200 Vining St., Bellingham, Wa.  98229 and/or email  your pledge amount to Scott at  He hoped to have everyone pledge, if not make their donations, by the end of the month, and he would be on the phone soon to remind people. That's a polite way of saying that he will be nagging soon.

Shauna Naf reminded members of Vegas Night will be February 9 and that tickets can be bought on line at or call the box office at 360-734-6080 for $100 each. The lineup includes the Up Front Players, lounge singers and more!  You can also fill out the attached Ticket Order Form and bring it to a Monday meeting and we will process it for you.  The Vegas Night committee was also accepting silent auction items and encouraged members to donate items.

Jim Wakefield has reported we need 2 more Rotarians to be alternates for the annual Salvation Army Bell Ringing Event next Saturday, December 15th.  People have last minute emergencies or get sick, so the alternates are often used.  If you can spare 2 hours for a good cause December 15, please e-mail me.  Jim Wakefield      Salvation Army Schedule (click here)

Cathy Buckley said that it is time to make the second round of community service awards for the year.  She urged members to get applications for their projects in.

Guests of Rotarians:  
Jen Moehl introduced our Exchange Student - Rumbi Machiridza from Zimbabwe
President Sandy introduced our District Governor Linday Murray and her husband Bill
District Governor Linda Murray presented two Rotary awards to club members Teri Treat and Sandee Lindhout.  Teri, who has been a member of the club for almost 30 years, was honored for being the person “behind the scenes” who makes everything work, and for being club president and leading our fantastic 100th anniversary celebration. 
Sandee was honored for being the “backbone” of our club, holding everything together as club secretary.  She has worked with the club for over 50 years.  Both awards are well-deserved.
District Governor Linda Murray then presented Sara Mahoney with a Paul Harris + Seven pin, an amazing feat.  Congratulations, Sara!
Former President and District Assistant Governor Del VandeKerk introduced guest speaker District 5050 Governor Linda Murray.  Linda grew up in the Los Angeles area, but moved with her husband to Everett in 1980 to start Evergreen Security.  She has been active in the Everett community on the board of the chamber of commerce, DARE and the Boys and Girls Club.  She has been in Rotary 25 years, serving in such capacities as District Administrator, Assistant Governor and on the District Visioning Committee.
Linda Murray started out her talk urging members to “Be the Inspiration.”  She shared this year’s Vision Statement: “Together we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change, across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves.”  She recited some of our club’s community activities (e.g., Bell Ringing, Vegas Night, Galbraith Mountain parking lot major project, hosting and sending Rotary exchange students and Stop Hunger) and told us we were doing a great job as a club.  She then presented the Rotary Club Citation to last year’s president, Teri Treat.
Governor Linda had several messages for us.  One was to encourage everyone to work together for a common goal.  She suggested that the club put together a 5 Year Plan, through two stages:  first, a strategic planning meeting where many members shared ideas; and second, a meeting where those ideas would be considered and put into a plan of action. 
Linda urged the club to do everything it could to increase membership.  She pointed out that in the 2017-18 year, the District has 2511 members.  She set a goal for the 2018-19 year of having 2575 members, an increase of 64 members over the whole District, which would be one member per club.  She noted that although many clubs are proud of recruiting new members, equally important is retaining current members.  Losing current members is a major concern.
Linda said that the District can help by providing clubs with presentations on increasing membership through workshops (what works, what doesn’t).  One resource is the Rotary Learning Institute (RLI), which provides information and training on leadership skills, the history of Rotary, interaction and learning about the other clubs in your area.  She pointed out that 35% of Rotary members leave Rotary in the first five years of membership.  Gong to RLI helps retain membership by getting members more involved and invested in Rotary.  Linda urged members to be open to new ideas.
District Governor Linda reminded us that, “Everything your do in Rotary affects Membership.”  She urged us to make our club “The Service Club” that people in the community think of.  To that end, she showed us the logo for the Bellingham Rotary Club that the District developed as our Master Brand.  She urged us to use that logo on our website and in all our communications.  She urged us to talk to people about what we do.  Making our best Rotary moments personal and telling people about them is the best way to connect with people who do not know much about Rotary. She suggested posting action pictures with captions on our website, and to send some to the Peace Arch Journal.  She told us to wear our Rotary shirts in public so people know who we are and who we represent.  They will ask us what we are doing and give us a chance to spread the message.  She said the District will be organizing workshops to help us put together a Technology Team to improve our message on Facebook, our club website and Club Runner.
Linda commented that the Rotary Foundation is trying to boost interest by forming an “Every Rotarian Every Year” status, where clubs will qualify if every member gives at least $35 per year and the average member donation of the club is at least $100.
Linda stated that International Rotary President Barry Rassin wants to see clubs double the number of Rotaractors and Interactors, getting more young people involved in Rotary.  We need to treat them like Rotarians because they are Rotarians.  The sad fact is that very few Rotaractors become Rotarians.  Linda pointed out that 68% of the workforce is under age 50 and 34% is under age 35, a perfect age for Rotaract.  She reminded us that YAIL is a great activity for young people and should be encouraged.
She said that the District provided Saturday seminars twice a year on Facilitation skills, which she urged our members to take advantage of.
The District Governor said that the last Saturday in April 2019 will be Rotary at Work Day, where our club, perhaps in conjunction with other clubs in our area, would pick a project to benefit the community and work on it for a day.
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