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September 10, 2018   

President Sandy wore a red woven hat from the country of Morocco (host to 52 Rotary clubs). Interesting fact: 1 dentist per 800,000 people. Gary Goldfogel was granted immunity from the day’s fines for guessing the country. As a matter of fact there were a number of people who named it correctly, but Gary was the fastest with the raised hand.


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Message from Robert (Bob) Gibb family:
As many of you know, our father, Robert (Bob) Gibb died last month.
We would be honored if you would join us at a Celebration of Life in his honor.
Saturday, September 15, 2018
2 – 5 pm
Hotel Bellwether, 1 Bellwether Way, Bellingham, WA
- the Gibb family
Janis, Marcy, Rhonda, Kathy, Lisa, Gail, and Tyler
President Sandy announced We did it!  We have just over $5,000 pledged to the Starfish Backpack Program.  Thanks to all who donated.  Even though we met this goal, there are still many more kids who don't have food to eat over the weekend, so if you still want to pledge, we would very much welcome your donation.  All donations will go towards feeding kids through the Starfish Backpack Program.  Del will be contacting the donors within the next couple of days to explain the various ways they can meet their pledge.  
Anyone who would like to donate to raise additional funds to help please send an email to Del VandeKerk at  
Save the Date - RCOB Vision Facilitation Session - October 20th.  9:00am-1:00pm at the Bellingham Technical College #G102J
The District is holding a Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) courses will be held September 22, 2018 in Chilliwack or October 20, 2018 (also our Visioning Process meeting date) in Everett.  The cost is $45.00 us and the club will reimburse you for attending.  

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a series of fast-paced, interactive, one-day courses offered to refine a Rotarian's leadership skills and increase their base of knowledge in Rotary.  Courses are fun, topical, interactive, and geared toward busy business, professional and community leaders who want to be more effective leaders in their vocation and Rotary club and more knowledgeable Rotarians.

Part 1 of the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) must be completed before Part 2 and 3.  The cost to attend is $60.00 CDN or $45 USD.  Register Here

​A manual will be provided to you which will serve through all parts of RLI.  Lunch is also provided.  If you have any dietary concerns, please indicate this in the comments section of the registration page.  Register Here

  1. Oct. 6, Rotary Membership Seminar for Whatcom County Clubs will be held at the Bellingham Fire Dept. Conference Room, 1800 Broadway, Bellingham.  Cost is $10.00 per person payable at the door.
Guests of Rotarians:  
Jan Marchbanks and D. C. Morse brought Jason Pass, Patent Attorney with Fisher Broyles
Donna Inglis introduced her mother Marnell Farley
Mike Diehl brought his wife Tracy, son Sam Diehl and Kennedy Garrison
Lynda Hinton introduced her daughter Kirsten Hunt and Hilary Walker with Peach Health
Gary Goldfogel introduced Micki Jackson
  1. The Paul Harris Fellowship Award was presented to Jim Wakefield
  2. Nathan Conant received his membership certificates and “blue badge”
  3. RYLA presentation by Sam Diehl – valued the friendships formed, learned a lot about Rotary, noted numerous participating Canadians, and enjoyed building an amphitheater in under 5hrs and having moved six tons of dirt.
  4. Kennedy Garrison -- said it was “a camp like no other,” and valued the friendships formed and enjoyed being tasked with a group project. The Youth Leadership camp hosted 60 kids at Mount Baker Bible Way Camp.
Important request:  Our  "Contemplating End of Life" series continues thru October and guests are invited.  If you are planning on bringing a guest, please inform Sandee Lindhout by the Wednesday prior to the Monday meeting at 12:00 to aid Northwood Hall in preparation of food.
Gib Morrow, MD, Internal Medicine, PeaceHealth
Advance Care Planning with your primary care physician
Why bother with Advanced Care Planning? (ACP)
To ensure that people receive care that is aligned with their goals and values.
Who has ACPs and who doesn’t?
Haves: Wealthy, older, white, people from Wisconsin (96%)
Have nots: Millennials, homeless, people of color.
1/3 of overall adults have ACPs in America. 21% of Whatcom County adults have ACPs.
Why does it matter?
Clinicians utilize it, decreased usage of intensive interventions, etc.
If you wish to confirm your ACP is on record talk to your doctor or call Medical Records @ Peace Health to make sure.
Final Announcements
Brad Burdick: wants the Vegas Night Committee to meet following the Rotary Meeting next week including anyone else who would like to help
Monte McAllister: The Youth Committee is looking for two more host families for the Spring rotation.   
Tom Grinstad: The Tattler Committee needs more reporters, like at least two, preferably females who in his generalized estimation are “more acute observers.” I didn't say "more cute observers" as has been alleged (ed.)
Jeff Jenkins: The Football Pool sign-ups will begin next Monday, September 17th.  The cost will be 2 squares for $40.00
Catherine Riordan: Social Committee is looking for more members.

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Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Dec 15, 2018
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Feb 09, 2019
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