EV's Discussion panel consists of Mike Diehl, Ken Marzocco,
Vinson Latimore, Steve Ban, Steve Adelstein, Andy Day
and chaired  by Doug Cole on Zoom                                          Shelley Jepson Book Review                        Elephant Book Suggestions                                                                  


August 16, 2021   

Book Review by Shelley Jepson "A Cowboy and His Elephant" by Malcolm Macpherson
Shelley Jepson, Ron’s spouse, introduced herself with the disclaimer that she likes to read strange books. A Cowboy and His Elephant is a non-fiction story of how a man came to rescue six young, orphaned elephants. It begins in the 1980’s, when a man comes looking for stalls to rent at a ranch in Colorado.  The man who owns the ranch grew up with an orphaned black bear, grew remarkably close to his bear, and developed an enormous empathy for all animals.  He lives on a ranch of a few hundred acres, with cattle, horses, poultry, cats and dogs.  He’s had an illustrious career as the model known as the “Marlboro Man”, a role he stumbled into by chance: The Ad Agency was using his ranch for a photo shoot, and the director liked the rugged natural look of the ranch owner better than his own agency's model, who looked rather unnatural on a horse!  Although Bob Norris, the rancher, never smoked, he did become an iconic model for Marlboro cigarette ads for about 10 years.
Back to the man looking to rent barn stalls… Bob wondered what animals were needing a home and found out it was orphaned baby elephants from South Africa!  He ended up acquiring the smallest of the elephants, at no small price, $18,000. He named her Amy and quickly learned that she had quit eating and was starving for animal companionship: Amy  saved a pile of grain in her stall for a mouse who befriended her!  An incredible bond between the most unlikely of friends was forged. Bob adopted Amy and, by close observation, gentle training, humor, and endless perseverance, this accomplished horseman gradually coaxed Amy into overcoming her mistrust of humans, and her fear of the world. Amy became a favorite member of the Norris family, and partner to the ranch hands. As the elephant grew, Bob's family became increasingly concerned about his safety and called the USDA for advice. Bob ended up taking elephant training lessons, not the usual for a cowboy. The family being snowbirds was also a problem. Each winter, Bob would pack up the family and haul everything, including his elephant, to warmer climes, with the odd site of the trunk of the elephant sprouting out from the trailer.
Bob's goal from the start was for Amy to return to the savannahs of Africa. His first attempt to accomplish this didn’t go as planned. Authorities in Africa made him take the elephant back home with him. His second attempt was successful and Amy was finally returned to her natural home. The Cowboy and His Elephant is a story of friendship, love and compassion.  Foremost, it is an American story with roots that run deep in the values and traditions of the American West.
Opening Welcome:  
President Peter opened our combined in person and zoom meeting at 12:30 PM by recalling Paul Harris and his “ideals of service”. He thanked our members for their commitment to serving others.
Club and Committee Announcements
1. President Peter Theisen: If we’re sick of being reminded about the opportunity to sponsor the RCOB website, now is the time to act.  Annual sponsorships cost $350.00. The rotating ad appears on the RCOB webpage and a link takes people directly to your personal business webpage.
2. John Dunne announced that the Major Project Committee would be meeting after today’s meeting.
3. Catherine Riordan informed the members that the Tattler committee is looking for a few more writers and editors.
4. Cathy Buckley noted that the annual ski outing would take place, dates and location to be determined, and that Rotarians and their friends are urged to consider joining in the fun and exercise. 
5. Board Briefs for August 12, 2021
Susie Thomson, Treasurer of the RCOB Foundation, attended the meeting to present the RCOB 2020-21 990 for tax submission.  Susie does the club taxes pro bono each year. Thank you Susie…
The Board accepted the resignation of Kirstin Hunt with deep regret.  She will be missed.
Tim Fisher’s wife, Ginny, called to thank us for all Rotary did when Tim passed
The following grants were approved by the Board for $1,000 each.  A grant request will be sent to the RCOB Foundation for payment and presentation of checks:
1.  Wildbird Charity - Starfish Food program sponsored by Del VandeKerk
2.  Assistance League of Bellingham sponsored by John Dunne
3.  McClatchy Journalism Institute sponsored by Doug Cole
4.  Boys and Girls Clubs sponsored by Lynda Hinton
Items to discuss at the next Board meeting, September 9, 2021 are promoting more helping hands on projects and social gatherings.  Anyone with suggestions please contact board members.  

Weekly Meeting instructions:

You will still receive an email from Sandee each week prior to the Monday 12:30 meeting if you are unable to attend in person (you can start logging in at 12:00 for short socializing) with the link for that privacy protected meeting.  If you have not done so, please download the Zoom app on your computer (you need a camera and microphone on it), iPad or phone.  There is no cost to you.  If you do not have either, you can also call in.  On the invitation, there are US phone numbers you can call and enter the meeting ID number also indicated on the invitation.  HERE ARE ZOOM INSTRUCTIONS.

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Dale Rings zoomed in from Arizona with member Chuck Snyder
Steve Ban again introduced Corey Chaplin, who is inching ever closer to membership in RCOB.
John Harris brought his wife, Patricia.
Mark Knittel introduced Bellingham Bay Rotary members Curtis Dye, President Lance Calloway and Jeff Clement
Andy Day introduced friend Jason Larson
Ron Jepson introduced his wife Shelley, who did our Book Review this week.
Other members who were on Zoom:  Loch Trimingham, Monty McAllister, Frank King, Rob Olson, Brad Burdick, Colleen Baldwin, Doug Cole, Jennifer Moehl and Sandy McIntire.
EVs: Is There An Electric Vehicle In Your Future?”
Program Chair Doug Cole introduced a panel discussion by RCOB members who owned or had an interest in (or objection to) electric vehicles, noting that 70% of consumers say they have an interest in an electric vehicle in the future. Doug observed that all the major manufacturers of gas-powered cars are planning to offer electric vehicles, with some, such as General Motors, planning to produce only EVs by 2035. VW plans to offer an electric car that is less expensive than gas-powered models. 

Doug then introduced the panel:
Steve Adelstein, owner of a Tesla Model S
Steve Ban, owner of a Tesla Model 3 and Model Y
Vinson Lattimore, owner of Toyota Prius and considering purchasing a Tesla Model S
Andy Day, owner of a Hyundai Kona
Mike Diehl, former owner and manager of Diehl Ford, and
Ken Marzocco, owner of two gas-powered
SUV’s, who has worked in the oil and gas industry and is a critic of EVs

Doug posed several questions for this “expert” panel:

1. Do EV owners experience “range anxiety”?
Steve Ban noted that his Model 3 has a range of about 310 miles and, with charging at home (A 240 volt home charging outlet, which fully charges the Model 3 overnight, cost about $1,500 to install.) and Tesla Supercharger Stations on a road trip widely available, he did not feel it was a real issue. He reported that he completed a 3,000-mile road trip around the west when he first got his Model 3, without any real issues. The car's computer indicated where the Supercharger stations were along the way. As added protection, if the car's charge was getting too low, the computer gave instructions, such as lowering your speed or turning off the self-drive or cruise control features, to ensure that you make it to the next station. With a 310-mile range, the Model 3 can comfortably go to Seattle and back without having to recharge. Steve noted that, for those EVs with less range, say 100 to 150 miles, the car would still be very useful as an around town vehicle. Tesla has a large network of Supercharger stations around the US. Fully charging a car at one of these stations takes about an hour. They are usually located near restaurants, so owners spend the time having a meal or snack. 
Steve Adelstein acknowledged that, despite the helpful features noted above, there still is currently more planning involved for a trouble-free road trip with an EV than a gas car.

2. What maintenance problems do EV owners experience?
Steve Ban said he has had zero problems in two years. Steve Adelstein reported that he had door window and trunk issues, both covered by warranty. Andy Day said his Kona had a recall issue for the battery catching fire while being charged indoors, which certainly caught the former Bellingham Fire Department Captain's attention! 

3. How would EV owners manage if we had a power outage that lasted for weeks, like the one recently experienced in Texas.
Vinson reported he had solar panels on his house, as did Andy. However, Steve Ban didn’t think this would help because solar panels transmit their energy back to the grid, unless you had equipment to store the energy to charge your car.

4. What is the “carbon footprint” of EVs compared to gas-powered vehicles?
Panel members quoted competing studies that offered differing views. Ken said some studies show that EV’s have a greater carbon footprint because, currently, it is mostly coal-fired energy plants that generate the power to manufacture and run EVs. Steve Adelstein said other studies show that EVs have less of a carbon impact. Steve Ban reported on studies that compared the amount of fossil fuels needed to build and charge an EV with the amount used by a gas-powered car, on a miles per gallon basis. The average gas powered car gets 30-35 mpg, while the average EV gets the equivalent of 88 mpg.

5. Is it fair that owners of gas-powered vehicles in WA state pay, on average, about $300 a year in gas tax, which funds the building and maintaining of our roads, while EV owners pay a yearly fee of only $150? 
Mike Diehl stated that EVs need to pay their fair share and predicted that EV registration fees will go up.

6. Finally, an audience member asked what happens when an EV completely runs out of charge.
Steve Ban offered the most intricate analysis of the day, stating “It stops!” He also offered, with tongue firmly planted in cheek,  that, to salvage such an annoying event, the EV owner might consider carrying a gas-powered electric charger in his trunk!
Final Announcement: 
President Peter thanked the members who helped put the meeting on and adjourned at 1:30 pm.
Covid Report:  
Gary Goldfogel reported that, in Whatcom County, there were 20 Covid patients hospitalized, 4 in the ICU and 2 on ventilators, all of them unvaccinated.
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