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January 27, 2020      

Opening :
As Club members entered Northwood Hall today, we experienced a rare treat.  We were welcomed with beautiful harp music played by member Kathie HardyJC Hickman commented that he enjoyed the music – upon hearing the harp he thought he had gone to heaven.
President Emeritus Del VandeKerk obviously standing on his knees behind the podium called the meeting to order in President Cathy’s absence.  We received no reports on the outcomes of football games from her. However football pool rewards were distributed a little later in the show.


SuperBowl Pool Numbers:  February 2nd San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs  (click here)       
Past President Del presented Past President Sandy McIntire with the 2018-2019 Rotary Citation with Gold Distinction Rotary Award from club accomplishments made under his leadership during the past year.. 
Jennifer Moehl asked members to consider lending cold-weather ski clothing to our two Rotary exchange students.  Both are new to the sport and look forward to the skiing experience.  Members should contact Jennifer to learn more about what might be needed and how to get the clothing to the students.
Website and Phone App instructions:
Here is a tutorial on how to login for the first time.  (Click here)  In order to login you need to know your user name and password in your Clubrunner account.  The user name is Yourfirstname.Lastname.264 unless you have changed it.  Example: Sandra.Lindhout.264  The password is initially set by clubrunner at 264 unless you have changed it.  Sandee can see your Username from my computer but not the password.  She can also change your password for you from her computer at your request if you run into problems.
Once you have originally created your User Name and Password you can download the ClubRunner Mobile app on your phone:                                                             
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Please contact Sandee at 360-734-5532 or if you run into any trouble.
Guests of Rotarians:  
Zach von Schneidau brought his friend Alyssa with Bellingham Public Schools
Mark Knittel introduced Seong Noh and James McClelland
Joe Jarzembowski gave his New Member talk, in which he described his background, career accomplishments, interests, family and what brought him to Bellingham.  Joe grew up in the Boston area.  He attended the University of Massachusetts and the University of Hawaii where he earned BSEE and MSEE degrees in electrical engineering.  Later he received a JD degree from Suffolk Law University.  Joe’s early career was spent at Bell Labs, but he later transitioned to working in a family business and finally working with and investing in start-up companies. He continues to work with start-up companies in the Bellingham area as a member of the Bellingham Angels group.  Joe and his wife Amy have two children and the entire family enjoys traveling.  Joe and Amy chose Bellingham as the place to retire because they like being near mountains and water and the outdoor activities the area affords.
Todays’ program speaker, Marty Pease, Team Leader for Public Relations in the International Project Alliance IPA, was introduced by Paul Grey.  Marty is a member of the LaConner Rotary Club and has worked in IPA activities for several years.  Members will recall that our club recently joined the IPA as part of our International Outreach efforts.
The International Project Alliance is an innovative, cooperative organization made up of eleven Rotary Clubs in and around the Skagit County area of our district, committed to helping the Mayan village people in Copan, Honduras. The IPA group identifies and supports a variety of aid projects, and currently has projects underway in twelve of the 30 villages in the Copan area. 
IPA focuses its efforts in two areas, education and development, in several programs.  Examples of education support are shown by the Adopt-a-School and Adopt-a-Dream programs that support kindergarten and elementary school children and high school and college students, respectively. 
Depending on the situation and need, support is provided in the form of school supplies, uniforms and library materials for students and teaching supplies for teachers.  Currently support is going to more than 2000 students.  Development projects in schools include building, remodeling, repairing and furnishing classrooms. Community projects include home improvements, building bridges, basic health care, improving water supplies and training in agriculture best practices. 
The IPA is well organized, having both an Operations section and a supporting Foundation. The Operations unit is organized into Marketing and Operations areas, with a group of focused teams in each unit.  Based on figures presented by Marty it appears the IPA has worked with about $200K in project funding this past year, of which about $35K came from the participating Rotary Clubs, $15K came from our District and the remainder raised from private sources.  Members of our Club are encouraged to get involved and to participate in IPA activities. The Alliance supports projects monetarily and also through  direct participation by members of the IPA clubs.  Each year several teams of IPA Rotary club members travel to Copan to participate in the aid work and to interact with aid recipients.  Marty has made several trips.  She notes that she has enjoyed working with the local people and experiencing the local Honduran culture.   She encourages our members to get involved.
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