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March 25, 2019   

With a might ringing of the starting bell, heard across the street and down the block at Grant’s Burgers, President Sandy McIntire opened the meeting. He of course donned one of the chapeaux from his Ministry of Silly Hats – this one very obscure – a Tilley hat. Right away I know it was from the country of Vancouver. But no – it turned out to be from Canada, gateway to Vancouver. Then came a string of (insert your adjective here) facts about Canada, like the country with the longest coastline, most lakes, most polite people, etc.


Incoming President, Cathy Buckley, is working on her planning for next year and is asking members to fill out the usual committee forms indicating their preferences in committees starting July 1, 2019.  Click Here  Please fill out and mail to Sandee at 2200 Vining St. or bring to Monday's meeting.

Catherine Riordan announced an evening 'invitation only' informal conversation  with Paul K. Chappell to which all RCOB members are invited.  Because there is food involved in the 6-8pm event, Catherine need an RSVP as soon as possible.  The event is co-sponsored by this club, the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center and WWU. This will be held in the new DRC facility at 206 Prospect Street on 10 April, 4:00-6:00 pm. Please RSVP to 360.676.0122 or ASAP     Click here for additional information.

Paul Grey- Rise Against Hunger - April 27th 
Paul Grey gave an update of the International Projects Committee. He announced that the committee has designated a dollar-for-dollar match of membership donations by the committee’s funds up to a limit of $5,000 going to the Rise Against Hunger project. The deadline is the first week of April. There is an easy link on the club website, which he encouraged all to use.
March 18, 2019 Board of Directors Briefs
We have been informed that we must change our location at the Dorothy Haggen Building for board meetings and new board member, Lisa Saar has arranged for us to meet at the Bellingham Legal Center, 805 Dupont St. the second Thursday of each Month. 
We want to thank Rick Haggen and the Dorothy Haggen management for allowing us to use the board room since Rick’s Presidency in 1997, over 22 yrs.
Nathan Conant has requested a leave for one year due to business and family commitments.  The Board approved with regret.  We will miss his beautiful piano playing and the new RCOB Rotary Song he created.  Come back soon!
Brad Burdick, Chairman of Las Vegas Night reported that we made a profit of $9,025.19 on the event after snow cancellation, expenses adjusted and donated time.   The board congratulated Brad and his committee on a job well done.  We also want to thank all the members who helped make this event and fundraiser a success!!
Linda Hinton encouraged the club to help the Boys and Girls club by adopting a baseball field. Apparently the nefarious Sunrise Club has already stepped forward to adopt one of their fields. We don’t want to look bad, do we?
Mark Knittel, member of the International Service Committee presented a request to the Board that was approved and a request for a grant was made to the RCOB Foundation and approved as follows:
  1. Rise Against Hunger for $5,000.  This meal packing project will be held in Bellingham April 27, 2019.  This will be a Whatcom County Rotary Project with the Bellingham Rotary Club being the lead.  This year it is tied in with District Rotary Work Day. We are going to be asking the membership to match this Grant by April 1st (the deadline for us to make donations).  The goal this year is to package 88,000 meals which requires $30,000 to buy the raw materials and 300+ volunteers.  The RCOB Foundation has already donated $2,000. This organization is a 501 ©3.  The deadline is creating an urgency in the approval of this grant by the Foundation so that the challenge can be made to the membership as soon as possible.
Catherine Riordan presented the following offer to President Sandy:  Paul Chappell will speak on “A New Peace to Paradigm: Our Human Needs and the Tangles of Trauma” in Bellingham 4/10 at 206 Prospect St. sponsored by Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center and WWU. She has offered to show us as a “sponsor” at no cost to the club.  He is also speaking at the District Conference 4/13.   The Board approved showing the club as a sponsor if there is no cost to the club.  Catherine will be providing further information to the membership March 25th at the Monday meeting.
Kim Perry, Co-Chairman of the Student of the Month attended to discuss the 2019-2020 schedule.  They are planning on changing the presentations from the business time slot to the program segment time and doing three per year, to allow more time for the students. We will also look at the Phil Millard Scholarship presentation date.  The board approved.
Monty McAllister reported that we have at least 1 student for RYLA.  There is a new 1-month short exchange program and we have 1 student from Spain coming this summer at no expense to the club.  They are currently also doing outboard interviews for the 2019-2020 Rotary year.
Monty also gave us thank you notes from Charla Anne Larson, Carla Serrat, Rumbidzayi Machiridza (Rumbi) and Cole Drinkwater for their attendance of YAIL.
Next Board of Directors meeting is April 11, 2019 at the Bellingham Legal Center, 805 Dupont St., Bellingham
Guests of Rotarians:  
Gail Ridenour introduced member of the Whatcom Jazz Music Arts Center:  Thomas Harris, Roger Yamashita, Christian Casolary, Chuck Eberdt and her husband Kevin Woods.
Jennifer Moehl brought our Exchange Student, Rumbi
Folks from the Whatcom Jazz Music Arts Center put on what Pres. Sandy called the coolest program ever. Kevin Woods on trumpet, Thomas Harris on sax, Christian Casolary on drums and Roger Yamashita on bass played a few tunes and talked about their program. Your intrepid reporter was daydreaming and did not remember all the set, but among the tunes were: “The Sunny Side of the Street”, “Caravan” and “Bye Bye Birdie”. This program was so lively that Shannon stepped in to watch as well.
The WJMAC has two fronts 1) education and 2) program. The education side has small group classes to teach the art of improvisational jazz to high school (and older) students. It meets weekly for two hours a night. The cost per student is $125 a month. This reporter asked, “How do you teach improvisation?” The answer, in a nutshell is immersion. Instead of teaching how to read music etc. this combo course concentrates on learning jazz chord progressions, theory and what notes can be played over the chord. At present, the program has about 16 students. Another portion of the education wing is a summer camp also held in July at the Sylvia Center. This is a condensed version of the monthly program where everything is covered n a week.
The program side of things is covered with a live jazz presentation every Wednesday at the Sylvia Center. This happens from September to June. The cost ranges from $12 to $20 per performance. Where else can you get a jazz show at such a price? The center does have a liquor license, so beer and wine are available. Scheduled for this coming October is a jazz walk, where small combos will be appearing in various venues (like the alliteration?) on an art walk night. Look for it.
Apr 22, 2019
Pacific Northwest Opera's - The Ring of the Nibelung
Apr 29, 2019
Family Lawyering
May 06, 2019
Harmony from Discord Series
May 13, 2019
My Musical Journey
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