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November 13, 2017   

President Teri welcomed us and paid tribute to our veterans honoring them for their sacrifices.  We watched and listened to a video of 500 high school kids in Kentucky state-wide chorus competition singing the Star-Spangled Banner nightly from the balconies of the 18 story atrium of Louisville's downtown Hyatt Regency.  Will give you good bumps!!    Click Here


Special Update Report on our Uganda water project:  Click Here
Upcoming Events:
The 2017-2018 Major Project this year is raising funds for the RCOB Foundation Scholarship Fund with a goal of raising $400,000.  You will be receiving phone calls from the committees so be ready to pledge.  Click Here to find the pledge card to return to Sandee.
Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army is Dec. 16th.  Contact Jim Vos and Jim Wakefield to sign-up.
Rotary International Foundation Dinner Nov. 18.  More information is available on our website.  President Teri will be attending and is willing to share a ride. 
  • President Teri also announced the resignation of Jon Sitkin from our Club and wished him well. 
  • President Teri finally asked all to review the Board briefs that will be in the Tattler report this week. 
  • Several Committee reports were made:
    • Major Project Funding Committee reminded everyone to get their pledge in by year end.  This year’s major project is to fund additional scholarships through the Rotary Club of Bellingham Foundation which has already funded $130,000 of scholarships since 2013 by granting 50 scholarships.
    • Rotation Day is in two weeks, November 27th and people can still sign up to be hosts, contact Colleen Baldwin at  or 360-318-5716
    • Our Rotary Youth Exchange student, Ivana, would like a chance to visit with Rotarians; Rotarians can sign up to take Ivana to dinner or have her at their home for dinner.
    • Rotary shirts are for sale for $35 each.
    • Thanks to all who have signed up for the Salvation Army bell ringing.  We are still looking for more individuals; this is a 2 hour commitment on December 16th.
Guests of Rotarians:  
Cathy Buckley introduced Shauna Naf with The Lones Group
Steve Ban introduced Sasha Seiden with Bloodwork Northwest
Bruce MacCormack brought James Pyles
Sasha Seiden, Donor Resources Representative from Bloodworks Northwest, joined us to remind us of the blood drive on December 4th from 9am to 3pm in Northwood Hall parking lot.  Bloodwork NW is looking for donors.  Bloodworks NW provides blood to 90 hospitals and clinics in Northwest Washington and Oregon, as well as assisting other areas during catastrophic events.  If you choose to donate please hydrate ahead of time, eat a hearty meal 3 hours ahead of time and bring your photo identification.  Sasha reminded us all that this is the season of giving.
Pam Brady, NW External Affairs for BP in Whatcom County, gave a very informative, high level overview of BP doing business in Whatcom County.  BP has been the largest energy investor in the United States over the last 10 years.  It has 4 offshore platforms, 14 wind farms, 3 refineries, is the number one marketer of natural gas, has 7,100 retails sites and production of 1.3M gallons per day.  BP in the Northwest is focused on its refinery, AM/PM retail stores, shipping and pipelines.
Construction on BP Cherry Point began in 1969 and the facility became operational in 1971.  It produces 230,000 barrels per day (about 9.6 million gallons).  90% are fuels used for transportation purposes and it is the largest marketer of gasoline on the West Cost.  Moreover, it uses the calcined coke from the bottom of its barrels to make aluminum; it is one of the largest producers of calcined coke with 1 in 6 aluminum cans attributed to BP. 
BP’s economic impact in Whatcom County and Washington state is significant.  It does approximately $275,000,000 of work with vendors in our State and supports 7,700 jobs.  It pays around $100,000,000 in taxes, has 154 retail sites and has donated about $5,000,000 to the United Way.  In Whatcom County, BP is the largest private employer with 800 employees.  On a daily basis it has 700 contractors doing work at its facility and up to 5,000 daily contractors during turn around.  A snapshot of what BP produces in 1 day using crude oil is gets from Canada, Midwest, Alaska, South America, Russia, West Africa and the Middle East:  enough jet fuel to fly from Seattle to New York 1,000 times, enough propane for 140,000 BBQs to work for 40 years, enough fuel to drive a semitruck around the world 40 times. 
BP now has its own rail track and prides itself on staying ahead of regulatory standards and operating its rail under the most stringent regulatory and safety standards.  BP owns approximately 3,300 acres of real property in Whatcom County with 1,000 of that being developed.  BP is focused on environmental issues and partners with the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association (NSEA) to restore Terrell Creek for salmon restoration.  BP’s property also has been preserved for hunting and walking trails.  BP has been a member of the World Wildlife Habitat since 2009 and also focuses on shoreline monitoring, wetland restoration, amphibian monitoring and the Heron Center at Birch Bay State Park.   
Pam finished her presentation with letting us know what’s new at BP.  BP is working on finishing a coker heater project, and is focusing on renewable diesel production.  They also finished a third loop at the rail facility which makes for much smoother logistics.  Finally, BP has developed Business Resources Groups to support various groups in the workplace including, women, the LGBQT community, veterans, working parents, and younger employees.
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Upcoming Events
RLI - District Rotary Leadership Institute
Jan 21, 2018
Ski Trip 2018 to Sun Peaks, BC
Sun Peaks, B.C
Feb 05, 2018 – Feb 09, 2018


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