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July 22, 2019  

Members and guests arrived at today’s meeting to experience something special before the start of our regular meeting.  As we entered Northwood Hall, we were greeted with jazz music being played by two members of the Cole Drinkwater and Friends Jazz Trio.  The talented musicians, Cole Drinkwater, the outgoing exchange student our Club we will be sponsoring this upcoming year, and his friend Matthew Chen, are high school students and very talented young men.  During one number, Dominique Zervas and Ron Jepson felt the spirit of the moment and took to the floor for some elegant ballroom dancing.  A great way to start a Monday meeting. 
President Cathy welcomed us to the meeting, a welcome followed by a rousing rendering of the Star Bangled Banner by Cole Drinkwater, Matthew Chen and Rotary Brass members John Dunne and Del VandeKerk.  One could say this week’s meeting started off on an “exceptionally nice note”.


President Cathy thanked Nathan Twining for organizing the successful Club event at last Thursday’s Bellingham Bells baseball game.  Club members had a great time and the Bells won.
We were reminded that we need four additional Tattler sponsors.  Sponsorships, at a cost of $300 per year, provide good advertising for the sponsor and help support a valuable Club’s activity.
Major Projects Committee
Jim Wakefield requested that Club members submit any and all ideas for our next Major Project for the Committee's consideration.  Click here for criteria. 
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Guests of Rotarians:  
James Pyles introduced our outgoing exchange student, Cole Drinkwater, his parents Ted and Lisa Drinkwater and jazz partner Matthew Chen
Kirstin Hunt brought Amelia Mendenhall with Rice Insurance
Lynda Hinton brought Dylan Langei with Umpqua
Felicity Dye introduced our returning Exchange Student, Ivy Burt from Japan
Felicity Dye introduced our outgoing exchange student for the coming year, Cole Drinkwater.  Cole, having just completed his sophomore year at Ferndale High School, will spend his exchange year in Vienna, Austria.  He is an exceptional student and a talented musician.  Although he plays bass in the Cole Drinkwater Trio, his musical instrument of choice is the tuba.  He aspires someday to play tuba with the Chicago Symphony.  We are pleased to have Cole representing our Club abroad.
Peter Theisen introduced our program speaker, Katherine Freimund, Executive Director of the Whatcom Literacy Council.  She was a very appropriate speaker for this meeting since July is Whatcom Literacy Month.  Prior to her leadership of the Literacy Council, she served in the Peace Corps and has worked a variety of community-based organizations including the Boys and Girls Clubs.
The Whatcom Literacy Council is dedicated to increasing the literacy skills for adults in Whatcom County.  Katherine began her presentation by reminding us that in modern society basic literacy is fundamental, in fact a basic requirement for a decent life.  Literacy helps improve one’s social and community life, parenting skills, ability to attain US citizenship and succeed in attaining a good education. Also, literacy is an economic issue.  It is estimated that by 2020 65% of the available jobs will require a postsecondary education.   
Many in our community do not meet the basic levels of literacy.  For example, 6 % of the adults in Whatcom County are functionally illiterate, 3 of every 4 incarcerated read below the 4th grade level and 13% of adults in the County speak and read little or no English.  Since the cycle of poverty often goes hand in hand with illiteracy, an important goal of the Council’s program is to help break this cycle.  Katherine cited compelling evidence for the importance of the Council’s work.  Once especially interesting example is the impact literacy has on crime.  Of those who are functionally illiterate, the recidivism rate is about 70%; for those who are literate the rate is only 16%. 
The Literacy Council offers a number of programs independently and in some cases, in partnership with the Bellingham Technical Center, Whatcom Community College, the Bellingham Public School system and the city and county library systems.  Council offerings include adult literacy and English class learner programs and small group classes.  Programs are conducted in safe locations by a well-trained group of more than 100 volunteers.  Volunteers come from all backgrounds, are trained in how to perform the needed support and provided with course materials.  Last year more than 900 learners were served by volunteers who invested more than 12,000 hours in volunteer time.
For much of its work the Literacy Council depends for financial support from the community.  Support from local institutions, business organization and individuals helps learners with an essential skill that improves their lives, and indirectly, our community.
Aug 12, 2019
Laura Clark - Whatcom Humane Society
Aug 19, 2019
Michelle Judson - Skagit Stem
Aug 26, 2019
Todd Elsworth - Recreation Northwest
Sep 02, 2019
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