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September 17, 2018   

President Sandy gave his usual rousing welcome, and then educated the Club about Panama Hats and the South American country of Ecuador. Random? Certainly not. It turns out that Panama hats are not Panamanian at all, but originated in Ecuador for workers who were building the Panama Canal. Excellent trivia!


There is a Board of Directors meeting today  Thursday, 9/20 at 4:30 in the conference room on the 3rd floor of the Dorothy Haggen Building in Barkley. All club members are welcome.
Del VandeKerk announced We did it!  We have just over $5,000 pledged to the Starfish Backpack Program.  Thanks to all who donated.  Even though we met this goal, there are still many more kids who don't have food to eat over the weekend, so if you still want to pledge, we would very much welcome your donation.  All donations will go towards feeding kids through the Starfish Backpack Program.  Del will be contacting the donors within the next couple of days to explain the various ways they can meet their pledge.  A payment link is placed on the RCOB Website (click on the “Starfish” logo and then scroll down to the bottom of the Wild Bird page, lower left and click on the donate button there) or you can go to Wild Bird Charities and scroll down to Starfish Backpack Program (lower left) and find the donate button on their website at
Anyone who would like to donate to raise additional funds to help please send an email to Del VandeKerk at  
Save the Date's -
Oct. 6,  Rotary Membership Seminar for Whatcom County Clubs will be held at the Bellingham Fire Dept. Conference Room, 1800 Broadway, Bellingham.  Cost is $10.00 per person payable at the door.
RCOB Vision Facilitation Session - October 20th.  9:00am-1:00pm at the Bellingham Technical College #G102J  Contact President Sandy or Exec. Sec. Sandee to attend ASAP.  We have limited space. President Sandy announced that the Club is looking for 30-35 members to participate and would like the group to include both established and new members.   
Note however, the Everett RLI date (see below) conflicts with our own Club’s visioning facilitation meeting the same day
President Sandy also made the club aware of upcoming District Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) training sessions in Chilliwack, BC this Saturday, September 20th and again in Everett on Saturday October 20th. Interested parties should contact him and the club will pay the $45 fee.

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a series of fast-paced, interactive, one-day courses offered to refine a Rotarian's leadership skills and increase their base of knowledge in Rotary.  Courses are fun, topical, interactive, and geared toward busy business, professional and community leaders who want to be more effective leaders in their vocation and Rotary club and more knowledgeable Rotarians.

Part 1 of the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) must be completed before Part 2 and 3.  The cost to attend is $60.00 CDN or $45 USD and the club will reimburse you.

​A manual will be provided to you which will serve through all parts of RLI.  Lunch is also provided.  If you have any dietary concerns, please indicate this in the comments section of the registration page.  Register Here


Jeff Jenkins is getting the Football Pool rolling and has a few squares remaining for 2 for $40.00.  He will continue sign-ups next week.  If you can't attend, please contact Jeff Jenkins at 360-319-4192 or
Guests of Rotarians:  
Donna Inglis introduced her mother Marnell Farley and her cousin Brigette Burney
Gary Goldfogel introduced Micki Jackson
Steve Hager brought Susan Vaughan 
Bob Morse introduced Diane Parker
Steve Ban introduced our two incoming exchange students Carla Serrat and Rumbidzayi Machiridza (Rumbi)
Del VandeKerk brought Phil Esau with Wild Bird Charities
Dick Tucker was recognized with another Paul Harris Fellow (+4) for his sustained generosity to Rotary. Well done, Dick!
New Member Talk
Garrett Jeffrey entertained and educated the Club about himself with his new member talk. A physician and Cougar, Garrett and his family (wife Emily, three daughters and a son) recently moved to Bellingham from Puyallup in part because one of his special places is Sucia Island that he visits every Summer (the other special place is Hawaii). Garrett is settled in at the PeaceHealth Medical Group where his practice is focused on outpatient care and addiction services. He follows four guiding principles in his life: Communicate; Take care of yourself because you can’t pour from an empty cup; Have a big effect (volunteering, for example), and; Be present. Welcome and thanks for sharing with us.
Important request:  Our  "Contemplating End of Life" series continues thru October and guests are invited.  If you are planning on bringing a guest, please inform Sandee Lindhout by the Wednesday prior to the Monday meeting at 12:00 to aid Northwood Hall in preparation of food.
As part of the continuing series on end of life issues, guest speaker Dwight Moore was introduced by Gary Goldfogel. Dwight is a PHD and industrial psychologist who serves as a volunteer for End of Life Washington, our State’s right to die advocate and service organization. The organization helps candidates navigate Washington’s Death with Dignity Law.
Dr. Moore outlined the six options available to people facing life threatening illness or conditions:
  1. Medical intervention
  2. Discontinue treatment
  3. Hospice care
  4. Palliative care
  5. Voluntarily stop eating and drinking
  6. Actions available through End of Life Washington
End of Life Washington supports qualified candidates end their life on their own terms through self-administration of lethal drugs. To be qualified, the person must:
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be terminally ill with less than 6 months to live
  • Be mentally capable of making this decision
  • Be ready to self-administer the lethal drugs
  • Be certified by two physicians
It’s a 15-day, multi-stage process to be sure the decision is thought through and fully intentional. Following the End of Life Washington protocol is not legally considered suicide and it has no effect on Wills, contracts, etc. More personally, Dr. Moore urged us not the think of End of Life as suicide. Those who take this route have a strong will to live, but are motivated by the loss of autonomy their condition entails and a wish to end their life with dignity. The candidates can face real moral dilemmas about their decision, which include the fit with their religious beliefs, the possibility that some family members object, potential impact of dementia, how to know when and what is their remaining life expectancy.
Finally, Dr. Moore outlined some statistics about the program:
  • 115 used the protocol to end their life in Washington last year
  • There has been no abuse of the program in the 8 years since it started
  • Most patients died within one hour after self-administration
  • Only 35-40% of those who request the drugs actually use them. This demonstrates their strong will to live
  • 95% die in their own homes and on their own terms
  • Eight states have laws similar to Washington. Our State was the second to institute a Death with Dignity law
More information can be found on .
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