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March 9, 2020      

Opening :
Pres Cathy opened the meeting with a whang on the bell. She then mentioned how nice it was to see all the faces in face of the virus.  There was ample discussion about proper ways of greeting people in light of COVID 19 being in the NW – fist bumps, elbow bump, butt bump. Keep washing your hands!


There will be a Board of Directors meeting Thursday, March 12th at 4:30 at the Bellingham Legal Center. Any and all are welcome.



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Guests of Rotarians:  
Ukulele Group introduced by Brian Griffin; Pat Madsen, Delrene Gardiner, Barb Lillibert, Judy Coons and former members Joan Airoldi and Rick Wright
Bob Diehl introduced Paul Pelot with WorkSource and our Take  Vet to Lunch guest, Richard A. Braunbeck III  
Roland Trenouth brought Eva Schulte with Whatcom Community College and Rod Spencer.
Take a Vet to Lunch - Richard A. Braunback, III   (click here for resume)
Braunbeck was a Commanding Officer leading a workforce of 3500 at the Navel Surface Warfare Center. He has kids in college locally and would therefore like a job locally.
Bacchus Taylor new member talk: Taylor grew up poor, and had his horizons broadened with travel. He got a masters at WWU, and now leads Explorations Academy (alternative hands-on education). Ed note I'd like to go on expeditions like those young folks do.
Roland Trenouth introduced Jodi Borrelli - Recovery House Addiction & Recovery. This is a stirring story of life recovery: Borrelli was a soccer mom who fell into opiate addiction with a shoulder surgery and ended up on Washington’s Most Wanted. The addiction was bad enough that she would get unnecessary surgeries to get more pain meds. Eventually it led to “relief in the needle,” stealing for the fix, and being booked over 20 times. An officer once asked her prior to taking her to jail, “Don’t you want more out of your life?,” which got her thinking. She still spent 4 years on the streets, and was eventually turned in on a bounty. She was required treatment by the courts and a CCS counselor treated her with dignity which helped put the fight in her to live a life of recovery. She’s currently been working on a Substance Use Disorder educational program at WCC and desires to have a public speaking career. Hearing the recovery stories of other recovered addicts has really helped give her motivation. Borrelli received a standing ovation from Rotary and multiple comments of support from the crowd. 
If you weren't here - you should have been.
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Jun 11, 2020
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