"Restoring Lives from Human Trafficking".
Jul 20, 2020
Aaron and Lea Newcomb with Engedi Refuge
"Restoring Lives from Human Trafficking".

Human Trafficking

The United States is the #1 destination for sex trafficking.  An estimated 12.3 million men, women and children are trafficked for commercial sex or forced labor around the world today. Victims are trafficked both within and across international borders.  Victims of human trafficking in the United States include U.S. citizens and foreign nationals, adults and minors, and men and women.

Engedi Refuge Ministries

"Engedi Refuge is one of the nation's leading residential care facilities located in northern Whatcom County.  Their passion is to see women restored from the abuses of this terrible crime.  Their holistic and restorative process for their residents is accomplished through:

1) safe housing,

2) trauma focused curriculum, and 3) a collaborative team of professionals and volunteers.   Engedi is among the most comprehensive and successful recovery programs of its kind in the U.S.  Their success rate is an impressive 90% as compared to an average of 15% by other programs across the country.   They have earned the highest rating by GuideStar…. Platinum.   Go to the following link to learn more about their organization and programming.  http://www.engedirefuge.com