Rotary Membership Growth
Nov 25, 2019
Rebecca Murray - CEO of Skagit Media Marketing
Rotary Membership Growth

One invitation can light up the world!

For every service organization, growing membership is vital. Without new members coming in, a club will lose its vitality, its momentum, and worst case, cease to exist. We all know a club is more fun when it’s growing. So why is it that only a small percentage of Toastmasters and Rotarians ever make the effort to invite new members? Distinguished Toastmaster, Rebecca Murray, explores the subject of membership growth through a fun, thought-provoking, and entertaining presentation crafted specially for local Rotary clubs. 

Rebecca Murray is an award-winning speaker known for her story-centered, entertaining and high-energy presentations. Murray offers her speaking and emcee skills at educational workshops, corporate conferences, and business association meetings. Rebecca is CEO of Skagit Media Marketing, a marketing company specializing in video production, photography, and marketing services.