Jun 08, 2020
Dan Haygeman
Mood and Effective Communication

Dan Haygeman’s entire professional career has been focused on helping people make powerful shifts in their ability to create what is truly most important to them. He has worked in teams with other outstanding coaches inside such major corporations as AT&T and Capital One. One of Dan’s long-standing clients is a Fortune 100 aerospace company, where he has a member of the faculty for their prestigious ‘Engineering Leadership Program’. There he continues to apply his coaching skills as well as his professional certification in the Harrison Assessment, a world-renowned precision behavioral development tool. Dan has assisted well over a thousand high performing leaders to identify and shift the single high-leverage behavior that will produce breakthrough results in the area they care most about.

Dan’s presentation will include a ‘high leverage’ point of view that can be particularly valuable in times of change and upset. When things go sideways there are several common reactions. Some of us look for who there is to blame and resent them deeply for causing the problems. Others view huge disruptions as almost completely out of their control and sink into a potentially permanent state of resignation and despair. Still others see the huge uncertainties and move into a potentially perpetual state of anxiety and upset.

In situations like this there is really just one powerful response, and knowing what that response is becomes the ticket into a fascinating and potentially enlivening game.