At our Tuesday September 6, 2022 meeting, we were honored to welcome two visitors from The Greater Conejo Valley Boys and Girls Club, CEO Mark Bargaason and Area director Leslie Lemus.  CEO Mark shared a lot of the history of the Boys and Girls Club, from its humble beginnings, to where it is now, providing both before, and after school care to children with working parents. A safe place to go, where they complete their homework, and not only learn social skills but also additional educational skills.  Area Director Leslie shared with us some of the success stories, of returning Boys and Girls Club alumni, who return to share their time and skills and then go off to college and return to share THEIR own successes!  Those stories warmed our hearts and we were thrilled to be able to present a Community Grant check for $4,000.00, to be used at the four Boys and Girls Clubs in Calabasas. This money will go towards improving the educational programs being provided at the clubs.
We have also learned of other volunteer opportunities for our members at these sites, and will be exploring those in more detail.