Dec 05, 2017
Pres, Mardu Lydick, Lead Trainer Bob Horell
Pets for Vets

Pets for Vets is a rescue for a dog from one of our city/county shelters and train him/her to be paired with a veteran that typically has PTSD and/or TBI, essentially saving the life of a dog that may be euthanized and providing a loving companion and friend for the veteran.  Finding a Foster is the first step prior to looking for a dog that will suit the needs of that particular veteran. 

The basic training is typically 6-8 weeks (this can vary) and the trainer is very involved with the Foster relative to training issues and support.  There is a Foster application form and an interview plus a house visit.  We want to be sure that the potential Foster understands what the responsibilities with the dog will be, Pets for Vets will pay for everything the dog needs, no out of pocket costs for the Foster.  Mostly likely I would do the initial interview and then do a follow-up with my Lead Trainer, Bob Horell.