EmberHope Youthville 

by: Nathan Ray

Nathan Ray. MSW
Nathan Ray, home licensor with EmberHope Youthville, spoke to our club on January 10.
EmberHope is a nonprofit agency providing infrastructure and support to inspire hope and hundreds of Youth and families from hard places.  Serves children who are dependents of the state and families who are attempting to keep the children from becoming dependents of the state.  High needs children are their focus. 
EmberHope works with over a dozen homes licensed as foster homes.  They work with a lot of in home issues with non-foster families.  More foster homes are in the process of being licensed. 
EmberHope helps to keep families together and help parents become better parents to keep their children.  It hopes to be the spark to a new flame for these families.
1700 children are being served in the Arlington, Marysville, Darrington and Stanwood areas.  Youthville foster care includes licensors, case managers, and family support specialists. 
Case managers sort out what the child wants and needs to determine what services are needed.  EmberHope provides wrap around services, holistic look to detmine services that work for the best interests of the child.  EmberHope looks to place children permanently. 
Family support specialists work as mentors to the children.  Help them with transportation, show them community skills/adulting, etc.
The children in our community need our help.  If we help they will become a strong part of our strong community in the years to come. 
Community of hope was thought about with churches in mind.  It is a model to attract, engage, support, and retain foster families. A circle of support is coordinated to help those who can parent vulnerable children in our community. This occurs through the mobilization of volunteers. Individuals share their time, talent, or treasures with the identified foster families in their church or other organizations.  They reach out to the Arlington Community Resource Center and other organizations to contribute. 
The community of hope is connected to youth mentors, respite care providers, special event support, veteran parent advisors, little wish sponsors, and concrete goods providers.
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