Childhood Obesity

Ogie Shaw spoke to the club about child obesity. 

Ogie Shaw is part of a national group that gives talk about health and fitness.   30 years ago 57% of children failed the “functional fitness test” just performing basic movements.   America created the Presidential Council to attempt to get our kids healthy.   Children are now even unhealthier.  Our children will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.  Major cancers are prevalent due to the way we eat.   We are getting more obese every year.  Physical education is the first thing to get cut when budgets are cut.  Children’s behaviors are substantially effected by the parents and adults in their lives. 

Most people are not getting the exercise they need.  Make exercise fun!  You must work every muscle in the body to get real results.  The recommendation is to work out 7 days a week.  You are more likely to stick to the plan if you do it every day.  Work until muscle failure, do as many reps until you can’t anymore.  Injury rate goes down if you work out every day. 

Work against resistance.   Eat for nutrition do not eat for weight loss.  Do not make changes to the way you eat that you won’t make permanently.   We are a confused nation about the proper way to eat. 

One of Mr. Shaw’s colleagues has rated and assigned points to over 3,000 foods.  If you eat over 100 points you will reach the goal and reduce cancer risk.  Cantaloupe is the best breakfast food.  Romaine and spinach is better than iceberg lettuce.

Your body measurements can tell you if you may be at risk for cancers and other diseases.

Fitness majors in college are becoming scarcer.  If exercise can’t be fun it better be fast. 

5 minutes of exercise with controlled resistance is a great way to begin a routine and a great way to get in shape.  Separate fitness from fun.

Stay motivated by accountability and measurement.  Measure your fitness level once a week and exercise seven days a week.