Taylor Hendricks – Rotary Youth Exchange Student 2013-2014
Our outbound exchange student, Taylor Hendricks, lived in Belgium for her junior year. She did an outstanding job of telling us about her experience at our April 2 meeting.  Here is a summary:
She has a sister, three dogs, mom, dad, and step dad.
She met an exchange student on the plane.
Went to Scotland, London, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany
Stayed with three host families, most had another exchange student at the same time.
Traveled around the country and participated in different festivals and programs
Went to a chocolate factory to see how chocolate was made.
Misses traveling. “Once an exchange student, always an exchange student.  Thank you Rotary.”
In addition to hearing from our youth exchange student, we celebrated our most senior member's 90th birthday.

Bud Compton Celebrated His 90th Birthday--Happy Birthday Bud!

We also tried a new room arrangement with a very full house.