Snohomish County Update

Snohomish County Councilman Nate Nehring
Nate Nehring, Snohomish County Councilman, spoke to our club about what’s new with the Council and Snohomish County. 
The Council is in the process of reviewing and approving their budget.  There are tax burdens from McCleary, car tabs, property taxes, etc.  The Council is trying to go through their budget and cut out unnecessary items and produce a balanced budget without raising taxes at the County level.  The budget provides funding for public safety, county roads and parks, assessor’s office.
The commercial air service at Paine Field is one project evidencing continued economic development in the area.  The flights will start January 2019 as long as there are no issues.  Paine field is a great opportunity for businesses to fly right in and out and keeps additional congestion out of Seattle.
The manufacturing and industrial growth in Arlington and Marysville will bring additional economic growth with additional family wage jobs.  Affordable housing, traffic, and jobs are important.
Boeing is looking at where to build their next aircraft.  Snohomish County has put together a task force to prepare an incentive package to keep Boeing here.
A pre-apprenticeship program has been created with the community colleges and high schools to allow high school students to get trained and obtain a good job right out of school.  This allows students to fill jobs right out of school without the need for a college degree.
There is tremendous growth in the area.  Snohomish County is expected to have an additional 400,000 people by 2050.  Transportation is important due to the expected growth.  The US 2 trestle is the biggest traffic issue in Snohomish County.  The project may cost $1 billon+. 
Many transportation projects are fully funded and are already starting. 
The opioid epidemic is challenging for all counties.  Snohomish County is offering resources to individuals who need help including an embedded social worker with law enforcement to connect the people with services.  Snohomish County is taking a hard stance on nuisance properties and property crimes. 
Land use bans have been instituted to prevent heroin injection facilities from coming into Snohomish County. 
The Council advocates at the state and federal level.  Contact your local, state, and federal representatives to express your concerns over issues.
A County diversion center has been opened in Everett to help people detox and connect them with services.  Law enforcement can take them there at any time.  There is also a medical wing in the jail.