Information on the School Bond Measure

Bonds are for buildings and Levies are for learning.  If passed, the funds which would be generated by sale of bonds would provide building improvements to support instructional programs; promote safety and security; improve operational efficiency; and prepare for a growing community. 
Information was provided by both Chrys Sweeting, Superintendent, and by Brian Lewis, Director of Operations.
Chrys Sweeting
                                                                   Brian Lewis
Instructional Spaces to be Improved:  Post Middle School would be rebuilt.  There are deficits in instructional spaces at the school.  There would be no disruption in learning during the build. Here is a link to a video as to why the decision was made to build new:  VIDEO LINK
Arlington High would have a workshop added on to allow for learning behind the BPAC stage (creating and preparing the sets and technology). 
Safety and Security:  All projects in the bond have to do with safety and security.  Installing secured entryways and locks on classroom doors would be possible if the bond is approved.  Video cameras could be installed to deter criminal activity and catch criminals.  Inside they serve a discipline function. Traffic safety is also address.  Click HERE to See More
Improving Operational Efficiency:  22 heating systems at Post Middle School.  The bond would allow for replacement down to one system. 
Preparing for a Growing Community:  If we do not grow anymore, in 2020 there will be 200-300 more students at the high school.  The bond would add 8 classrooms to the high school.  More HERE
The bond would allow the district to be eligible for $11.4 million in state matching funds to purchase and prepare new elementary school site.
The majority of the bond funds would go to rebuilding Post Middle School.  Every school and the transportation facility will benefit from the bond.
Projects would begin in the spring of 2019.  Post would be done in May 2022.  Ballots will be postage paid this year so you do not have to use a stamp to mail it back.  The bond is the very last on the ballot. \
The district has collected on a bond from 18 years ago to build the high school.  This bond would be paid off and replaced with the new bond. 
Starting this January local school property taxes will be going down because the state will be paying more for basic education.  Local levy rates are capped at $1.50 per $1,000 in valuation.
Chrys and Brian, because they are employed by the district, could only provide information without urging a "yes" vote.  Jeff Huleatt, during the question and answer session, urged us all to vote "yes". Everyone will benefit if the bond passes.  We will get more for our money if we pass the bond now.