Caleb Returns From Year in Iceland

Jose Arrives from Bolivia

Our August 23rd meeting highlighted our club's participation with Rotary International's Youth Exchange program.  Caleb Abenroth did a program on his year in Iceland and we welcomed Jose' Maria Paz Duran who arrived Wednesday evening from Tarija, Bolivia.
Caleb Abenroth

Caleb left last August and just returned the end of July.  Caleb got to tour some of the first houses manufactured in Iceland and churches.  Caleb made friends with a Polish young man and many other friends, some were exchange students.  The exchange students had a dinner together.   He photographed the beautiful landscape. 

Caleb stayed with host families and got to travel around Iceland.  His first host family was not as active as his second host family.  He got to see and do more with his second host family.  They went fishing and caught 60 fish.  He was immersed in the culture and language. 

Caleb got to participate in Eurotour where he traveled Europe with 50 other exchange students.  They visited Amsterdam, Berlin, Poland, France, etc.

Everyone in Iceland is known by their first names.  Their last names are their father’s first name + “son”.

Although it wasn't planned, Jose' was visiting our club for the first time following his arrival.  

 Jose Exchanging Club Banners with President Elect Simona
Jose will be presenting a program in the near future telling us about his country of Bolivia.  He is from the southern region-the city of Tarija.  He will be attending Arlington High School and he is currently living with Kay and Dave Duskin.