Aleph Fackenthall-Panama Update

The Healing Fund

Aleph Fakenthall With a Demonstration Water Pump
Volunteers with the Healing Fund drilled 50 wells over the last two years.  They plan to build 60 wells this year.  They work on small islands off the coast of Panama.  The first many years they roughed it then moved up to staying at the Marriott.  Now they are going back to basics this year.
They hand dig the wells 30-50 feet deep with a hand pump that is assembled here in the states (see photo above).  The organization brings a kit will the whole pump.  Aleph does not know of any well that has run dry.  If they hit rocks they move over and drill again.  But it is mostly clay and mud. 
The organization also helps with medical care, provide water tanks, and other assistance.  They have helped many families.  Kids that visited Panama with the organization have come back to teach in the schools.
Several Rotary clubs provide funds for the project.  Our club has participated for many years. This year we contributed $2,000 to help purchase supplies for the wells.  Our own Wally Thomas went down on one trip to help hand drill wells. If you are interested in going to Panama to help, contact Aleph. For more information on the organization click HERE.
Here are some photos: