LTC(P) Brandon Meno and the U.S. Army War College

Brandon is John Meno's younger brother. Brandon is married to Christie and they have three children. He has been deployed 12 times and is currently attending the US Army War College where an Officers’ education begins immediately.
The US Army War College falls under the National Defense University.  Every branch of the military has their own war college.  Once selected for the war college you can apply for a fellowship to 50 colleges (Harvard, UT-Austin, etc.).   The program is a one year intensive program. 
The US Army War College is in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  It is a small post, but it is oldest in the state. The war college was started in 1901, but after World War I it was moved to Washington DC. Eventually the War College was moved back to Carlisle. 
There are 383 students in the class of 2017.  Each war college has students from other branches of the military, but the majority of the students will be from that branch of the military. The War College also selects international fellows and civilians to attend the college. 
The Mission of the War College is to: educate and develop leaders for service at the strategic level while advancing knowledge in the global application of landpower. The curriculum focuses on Three levels of War: Strategic, Operational and Tactical. The purpose of the War College is to educate the students on how to be strategic leaders.  After graduation most of the students will likely go back to tactical work but some will also go to the operational side. 
Thank you Brandon for our service and leadership to our Nation.