Manufacturing Industrial Center 

Development in Arlington

Mayor Barb Tolbert spoke to our club about business development in Arlington and the Manufacturing Industrial Center.  Jobs, education, housing and infrastructure are high on the list of the City’s priorities.  Goals:  attract investment, create small town charm, recruit businesses, and provide for increased personal growth. 

A partnership was formed between Marysville and Arlington to create a Manufacturing Industrial Center.  Most of the 4,000 acre area of the MIC lies in Arlington. 

The development is focused on jobs and infrastructure.  Multi-modal transportation will be analyzed.  Visual elements will be included in the MIC to blend the edges of the cities.  The plan paid attention to the environment to ensure our built environments blend into the natural environments.   The plan encourages support of the airport’s role in Arlington. 

When businesses and industries cluster the transportation and freight time is decreased.  The MIC will provide these opportunities. 

The MIC will attract food processing, wood processing and timber, and maritime businesses. 

Cost effective utilities, stream restoration, freight management, and transportation will be important components of the MIC. 

Employment in Arlington is booming.  Job growth is at 23.4%.  Population growth in the city is at 4.2% 2011-2017.  Population will go up.  19 new businesses going into Arlington.  400+ new jobs.  New housing developments are going in. 

Statistics are showing crime rate is going down.  Two new police officers have been added to the budget.  Three personnel will be added to EMS staff. 

The railroad will play a large part in the MIC to transport goods.