Sno-Isle Libraries

Cathy Bullene-Manager of Arlington Library

Cathy Bullene manager from Arlington Library spoke to us about Sno-Isle Libraries. 

In 2017 over 5.9 million items checked out, 3.3 million library visits.  The Sno-Isle Libraries’ mission is to be a community doorway to reading resources, and lifelong learning, and a center for people, ideas, and culture.  It’s purpose is to foster a literate and informed citizenry by providing equal acsess; championing early literacy, supporting lifelong learning; providing space to think, meet, work, and create; and convening people for public discourse. 

Sno-Isle Libraries have a third grade reading challenge.  Teams are formed to read books and then see which team can answer the most questions from the books.  They learn to work in a team and compete.  Third grade is the tipping point for reading.  If you are a fluent reader by third grade you are more likely to be successful in school and work.

Sno-Isle offers classes for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Presenters teach business skills.   Over 100 classes offered.   The libraries host events with a panel of experts to speak on a topic important to the community.  There is then Q&A for the audience.  The purpose is to inspire people to act. 

Sno-Isle offers STARS training for daycare providers to complete their required training credits.  Kids can read to therapy dogs and cats.  This encourages kids to grow and practice their reading skills.  Masons give away one girl and one boy bike in a reading contest called “Books for Bikes”.  The libraries offer a program call, “Hungry Games”, another program that encourages reading and connects children with community figures (police, fire, city council).