Andria White Valliant's Classification Talk

Andria White Valliant  

Andria was born in Darrington.  Her grandpa was the mayor for 12 years.  His six siblings came from North Carolina to Darrington.  He worked on the railroad, forest service, and then the mayor.  Andria grew up in a neighborhood with approximately 25 children.  They played outside a lot.  She has kept in touch with the children in the neighborhood and recently vacationed with them in Arizona. 

Andria’s daughter, Piper, has a plan for a “summertime sleepover” that includes horse rides, food, camping out, a pool, and gambling.   

Andria’s husband recently graduated from fire fighting academy. 

Andria went to college at Central right out of high school.  She did not want to go and quit to come home to her family and boyfriend.  She started working for her father at Oso Lumber but then went back to finish college.  She got a degree as a paralegal and worked for an attorney then started her family. 

Andria’s dad’s nickname is “Lucky” because Darrington won a basketball championship on the day he was born and his oldest sibling is 20 years older than him.  Andria learned a lot of life lessons from her father.  Andria’s grandfather never took a paycheck as mayor.  Andria wants to have a non-profit in her grandfather’s memory to benefit a grant writer for the town of Darrington and school.  She wants to start an annual “outhouse race” for the town to raise money. 

Andria loves to cook and her husband loves to draw.  Andria’s mother worked for the forest service for many years and is about to retire.  She was very involved as a public information officer during the Oso slide.  She loves to do for other and fundraise.  Andria got a lot of her mother’s character traits.  Andria’s husband was married prior to her and lost two children.  They plan to try for another child but they are nervous given her husband’s losses.  The doctor that delivered Andria’s daughter also performed a procedure on her mother to allow her to have Andria’s brother. 

Andria became a real estate agent and then began working at Windemere.   She sold a whole neighborhood to a developer and made the owners a lot of money.  Now she does a lot of development real estate.  She currently has 11 deals in escrow with one person.