Krishna Nadella--Click on Photo for Arlington Times Article

Our speaker at our May 14 meeting was Krishna Nadella who founded Aiooa, LLC located in Stillaguamish Square.  Serves as the company’s CEO. 
Founded his first company, MicroGreen, in 2002. In 2000 received his graduate degree in education and in 2009 he received his PhD from UW.  He is a published inventor and  entrepreneur. 
Grew up in India.
MicroGREEN Polymers, Inc. manufactured the InCycle cup.  It was founded in 2002 at UW.  Located in Arlington since 2006.  Easy access to freeways, affordable, reverse commute.  High tech talent located in Arlington.   Grew to 175 employees at its peak.  $80 million investment.  Foreclosed by lender in April 2015.
Founded his second company Aiooa, LLC in April 2015 after MicroGREEN’s closure.  Key technical team members from MicroGREEN were hired on.  Aiooa engineers, procures, and constructs manufacturing systems. 
Not trying to raise too much investment, bootstrap approach.  Aiooa located in Arlington.  Many well-wishers in Arlington community.  People in the community have taken an interest in the success of us.
Arlington has many advantages to the business.  Police, fire, Arlington High School (robotics program), economic development, banking (Coastal Community Bank).
Arlington’s Challenges:  Exit 206 and the growth along 172nd and the additional commute/traffic, parking.  Is Exit 208 next?  Rent and number of housing units.  Continuing investment in manufacturing and new business.  Build relationships with Universities commercialization offices.