Club Runner 101

Our Club Runner Administrator Dave Duskin
Dave showed the club the ins and outs of using Club Runner.  It is much more than a website.  It includes many club administration features.
The bulletin is sent out every week, 52 weeks a year, to members. Dave recognized Breanne Martin for taking notes each week on her laptop, and others who fill in taking notes, photos, and editing the bulletin.
We also use Club Runner for billing, calendaring events, communicating, and the bulletin.  It contains a history of our club. 
The first newsletter from our club went out in 1970, and a copy can be seen in the history section.

Our website has our Facebook page plugged in so you can see it on the website.  There is no longer a separate Duck Dash website.  The old Duck Dash website address now takes you to a page on our current Club Runner website, including all the sponsors.  The website has links to many of our projects and sponsors. 
The website is updated frequently and since it is available to the public and potential members, there is always stories on programs, projects and our social events. It contains lists of our upcoming socials and service projects.  There is also a calendar that notes our upcoming events. For events that are for members only and where a registration is required, it brings up the login page to the member's only area.
There are photo albums with pictures from our events. There are links to subpages on the website to learn about different committees and activities our club is involved in. 
We were one of the first clubs to adopt Club Runner.  It replaced an electronic members only interactive website known as when it went out of business.
There are private portions of Club Runner that are password protected for members only.  The member’s only section contains your profile, what committees you are on, and the club directory.  Update your profile as your information changes so the club can communicate with you.  Please put in your birthday so we and Rotary International can track the demographics of our club. 
Recently the login section was updated making it much easier to access if you forget your user name or password. 
You can send emails through Club Runner to different lists of people (active members, all members, selected members/contacts, etc.).   If you send emails under the Committee management system they are only saved for3 months. 
Committee management section shows you all the committees and all members’ contact information.  At the top there is a section for subcommittees.
Dave recommended that all members add the Club Runner app to their phones.  To learn more, click HERE.
We could use help with various aspects of Club Runner.  Contact Dave if you are somewhat tech savvy and can help out.  We need backups for taking notes and photos at meetings.  There are also pages where help is needed to update, e.g. our past exchange students, officers and directors.