John Meno arranged for his cousin and God daughter Julia Gats to tell us about her experience touring with the Riverside 20 dance troop. She has performed in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and Japan, and she is waiting to hear if she will be in the North American tour.  Below John is pictured with Julia.
Here are some highlights of her presentation:
  • Went to Blanchet High School where she was the President of her class.
  • Was accepted to Gonzaga
  • Participated in dance performance workshop in Ireland in 2014 and was accepted and placed into Riverdance, is now on a leave from Gonzaga to be on the Asian tour of Riverdance 20 Years.
  • Riverdance began as a 7min interval act in 1994
  • Traces Irelands history and immigration to the new world
  • Started first tour in the UK and went to 9 cities while there
  • Did a tour in Germany 17 cities in one month
  • From Germany went to Japan
  • Japanese fans are some of the biggest fans in the world
  • Left Japan on May 3 and hope until June 9 and will go back to Ireland for the final show
  • Riverdance will be in Seattle starting October 31 at the Paramount.
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