Duck Dash Kickoff--Shirts, Mascots and Start of Ticket Sales 

Our club kicked off phase two of our one fundraiser for the year, the Great Stilly Duck Dash!  Phase one was our sponsorship drive that ended a bit short but Ticket Masters Dale and Carla aim to make up the short fall!

Paul modeled the 2017 Duck Dash shirt, or rather, tank top and showed off other apparel items he is sure will catch on. 

He then revealed to real 2017 Duck Dash shirt.

The club needs volunteers for assistance on the 4th of July.  Paul will send out an email with a request.


Sell, sell, sell!  Those are the words of our 2 ticket masters, Carla and Dale, who are looking on as Dave goes over gambling rules.


Ryan Berg has offered his credit card processing service for anyone that wants to pay by credit card. 

We will be reporting sales weekly on the tally sheets. 

Account for every ticket.  $5 per ticket or $20 for a discount book.  No exceptions.  Turn in all tickets in one book together.  Do not take tickets apart.  Write your name on the back of tickets. 

You can purchase tickets for friends and family members.  If you purchase a ticket for yourself it might be wise to put a friend or family member’s name on the ticket to avoid embarrassment.  You can sell to minors. 

Extra tickets available at the pharmacy or from Dale and Carla at our weekly meetings..  You can only turn money in at the weekly meetings until July 3 and 4 when there will be a turn in station at Haller Park in the Public Works Building. 

If you send someone in to pick up tickets they will have to verify they are selling for you, not for them. 

On the discount tickets, you do not have to put their name on each ticket, just the first ticket. 

All tickets must be turned in by 6pm on the 4th.  All tickets will be put in a barrel, 1,500 to 2,000 will be drawn and attached to ducks that will race the river. 

Sign up to visit other clubs.  The sign ups for the grocery stores will come out later. 

A kickoff would not be complete without the crowning of our ducks of 2017, chosen by past duck mascots who belong to the prestigious Order of the Duck.

As in the past, Ron Love did the honors with a little teasing in advance of the announcement of the female and make ducks.

No One is Exempt--Even if Not a New Member

And the female Duck for 2017 is:

Carla Rankin Gastineau

And the Male Duck is:

Jim Kelly
In the weekly bulletin you will find a list of paired ducks, information on gambling regulations, tally form and personal log to keep track of your tickets.  Remember, you must account for all tickets that have been distributed to you with either returned money or the unsold tickets.