District Governor Linda Murray

Our District 5050 Governor-Linda Murray
District Governor Linda grew up in L.A. and went to University of Redlands.  She started work in the L.A. Sheriff’s department.  In 1980 she and her husband moved to Washington.  For the last 37 years her husband Bill and Linda have operated Evergreen Security. 
Linda has served on numerous boards.  She is a member of the S. Everett/Mukilteo Rotary Club.  She served as President in 2000/2001.  Her husband is also a member and past president.  She has led an exchange group to India.
This year our International President is from Nassau, Bahamas.  He has chosen “Be the inspiration” as Rotary’s theme this year.  Linda has attempted to inspire Rotarians this year to make their clubs bigger and more relevant.  Linda congratulated our club for our work on the splash pad, the AED units, support of the senior center, food bank, and Bungoma water project.
Linda’s first goal is to evolve and work together for a common outcome.   Clubs needs to create a five year plan.  The District can help with visioning in a two part meeting.  Last year six of these visioning meetings occurred. 
The next goal is to enhance membership experience in hopes of increasing retention in hopes of growing the clubs.  Net increase of 64 members is the goal for this year.  Another goal is to increase retention rate by at least 1%.
The District can help the club be successful through membership workshops, presentations, Rotary and Learning Institute that comes closer to the clubs and costs less. 
It is important to continue polling membership to find out what the members want.   Be open to new ideas from membership.  More members means more project can get accomplished and have a greater impact.  Branding is important.  Tell your Rotary story.  Make it personal.  What is your favorite Rotary moment?  Make that known when you are talking to people. 
The District is putting together a technology committee and offering workshops to help clubs with technology issues.
The District will work on increasing members’ knowledge of the Foundation and attempt to increase giving to EYER.  The District will stress the convenience of Rotary Direct.  November 3rd there will be a general Foundation seminar.
Final goal is to get more young professionals in the club and double the number in Rotaract by end of year.
Upcoming District Events:
Facilitation workshop – if you are interested in being a facilitator please attend 
World Polio Day – October 13th
District Rotary Work Day – last Saturday of April
District Conference at Tulalip Resort April 12-14.
Linda finished her presentation with these simple words: