Mark Schrader- Circumnavigating the Americas

Mark Schrader spoke to the club about his participation in “Around the Americas”.  Around the Americas was a 25,000 mile sailing circumnavigation of the American continents with the mission of inspiring, educating, and engaging citizens of the Americas to protect our fragile oceans.
Mark was a member of the First Team in 1982.  He has two single-handed circumnavigations of the world and was the first American to singled-handedly circumnavigate the world via the five Southern Capes in 1982-3. He has lived in Washington State for over 35 years and is an avid marine conservationist and wildlife advocate.
The race was a selfish time, a race with other people from other countries.  After spending that much time in the water they decided they wanted to do something more meaningful. They decided to sail around the Americas and bring attention to issues with the Americas.  They were concerned they wouldn’t make it through the Northwest Passage, but they did.  Ice and weather were issues, but they were successful in the 27,000 mile trip.
Throughout the course of the trip, the crew was collecting data with 13 computers aboard.  The computers stopped working by the end of the trip. The crew also had a photographer, scientists, sailors, and an ice expert.  At each stop the crew would invite the town to come hear what the crew had been doing and what they were finding. They also visited schools along the way to educate children.  The children were allowed to board the boat to see the instrumentation aboard.
The crew is working on a repeat of the expedition.  Want to give a voice to people in other countries by looking into issues they are facing. 
The total cost of the first trip was $2 million dollars.